How Sexting Benefits New Parents

Between night feedings, doctor's visits, and nap schedules, new parents sometimes lose touch with one another. When your lives orbit around the needs of a tiny human, it can be difficult to make time for much else. In this case, technology might help facilitate communication. Knowing how sexting benefits new parents is smart, because adult fun is still important.

Sure, sexting is often an activity of couples who are newly in lust. But new parents should not discount virtual intimacy right away. According to NPR, sexting may help promote intimacy, and higher levels of sexting could predict increased levels of relationship satisfaction. If you feel concerned about the effects of a baby on the relationship, as many couples are, then this is one way for partners to reclaim a little space for one another.

For most new parents, real-life sex takes a breather for some time. While healing from childbirth and adjusting to the new normal of life with a baby, weeks may pass before a new mother is ready to resume intimacy. According to the Mayo Clinic, physically healing from childbirth takes four to six weeks on average. That said, plenty of people need more recovery time before the idea of sex sounds appealing again. Sexting can act as a placeholder during this phase. It says, "I'm still interested in you, but kind of busy with this whole postpartum healing this at the moment."

Additionally, sexting may also help you get in touch with your own sexuality during the postpartum process. It is no secret that the hormonal and lifestyle shifts following child birth can do a number on a person's sex life. As noted in Everyday Health, sexting provides a (more or less) private way to share sexy thoughts and fantasies with your partner on the regular. You can tune in to your sexual self imaginatively, even if the body is still in "get that thing away from me" mode. For new parents, sexting might serve as a reminder of the desire they still have for one another, as well as a promise that, one day, their sex life will resume in real life as well.