This Is How Social Media Is Ruining Your Love Life, According To Science

Even though social media was built on making and nurturing connections, it can, ironically, put a strain on relationships. Sure, couples can instantly connect with their loved ones via messaging apps, Skype, or whichever chat service their hearts desire. On the other hand, Instant access to your significant other’s Facebook profile, for instance, can raise trust issues if you find yourself constantly snooping on your partner’s page. The urge to check social media can’t be helped, but knowing how social media is ruining your love life will make you rethink those habits faster than you can say emoji.

There’s no question that social media creates distractions. Whether you’re bored at work or at home trying to cook, it’s easy to spend hours scrolling through Twitter’s never-ending timeline. This mindless, seemingly innocuous activity, however, comes with long-term consequences.

Social media might be about sharing moments, but it can actually distract you from enjoying those moments. By trying to capture photos of you and your partner for the sake of likes, you’re missing out on having the best experience together. According to the Harvard Gazette, people are at their happiest when their mind is in the present moment, not when it’s wandering off elsewhere. For instance, posting an Instagram story while taking a stroll in the park with your partner might sound harmless, but it could risk the happiness of your relationship.

So it seems your grandparents actually have a point when they complained that you’re on your phone too much. According to Scientific American, the mere presence of a cellphone when two people are talking interferes with feelings of closeness, connection, and communication. Human beings desire a sense of belonging, and when too much social media is in play in a relationship, that connection could be disrupted.

So the next time you’re out on a romantic dinner, try not to Instagram your meal right away and enjoy every moment together instead. Who knows, you might miss your partner delivering a flawless joke while you were mulling over which filter to use.