How Soon You Can Get Fingered After A C-Section

You're in the last trimester of your pregnancy, and all you can think about is meeting your new little one. Well, that and when you can start having sex again. I mean, you love your baby and all, but a girl's got needs, right? Don't worry, this is a judgement-free zone. You've heard that you'll have to wait six weeks to have sex after your delivery. So you put on your thinking cap to come up with another way to get busy that won't violate doctor's orders. Now you're wondering, how soon can I get fingered after a C-section?

Of course, sex may not be a top priority in the first six weeks after you give birth. According to Baby Center, many new moms experience exhaustion and soreness as they get used to parenthood and their bodies heal. And, as Parents added, hormones may cause breastfeeding moms to experience a low libido.

Although sex may be the farthest thing from some new mothers' minds, others see giving birth as a way of reaffirming their sexuality. Orgasms are perfectly safe and healthy for new moms, but the risk of infection should give you a good reason to be cautious as you resume sexual activity. Postpartum bleeding is a result of the placenta detaching from the uterus, and will occur regardless of whether you have a C-section or a vaginal birth, as Very Well mentioned. According to Healthline, all new mothers should allow time for their uterus to heal and their cervix to close before inserting anything into their vagina to prevent infection. This means that even if you plan to masturbate, you should stick to external stimulation only.

So if you are in the mood to get busy after baby, it's best to be safe and wait until your doctor examines you at your postpartum checkup before you engage in any form of penetration. Massage, kissing, and oral sex can be equally pleasurable alternatives until you the green light to resume other forms of sexual activity. That might not exactly be the news you want to hear, but on the bright side, your baby probably won't even leave you with much time or energy for a foot rub.