You’ll Want To Wait To Get Fingered After A "Natural" Birth

by Irina Gonzalez

When it comes to postpartum sex, it's natural for new moms to a long list plenty of questions. You might already know that you need to wait until your six week postpartum check-up with your healthcare provider before attempting intercourse, but you might be curious about trying other types of sexual acts before the deadline. When is it safe to try things, and how will you know? If you are a fan of masturbation, oral sex, or any other kind of outercourse, one of the first questions on your mind may be how soon can I get fingered after a "natural" birth.

Although asking a couple to refrain sex for six weeks seems like torture, doctor's orders are clear: "No sex, no toys, no fingers, no tampons, and certainly no male anatomy for six weeks." Typically, a doctor won't even discuss your birth control options until after the six week postpartum check and there is good reason for that. You are likely still bleeding and healing for those weeks after giving birth, and probably too exhausted to even miss the sex. That doesn't mean, however, that every type of intimacy needs to be off the table.

According to Trimester Talk, postpartum masturbation and clitoral stimulation are fine shortly after giving birth and usually safe for women who are feeling comfortable. Typically, it may take a week for you to feel comfortable enough after giving birth, but some women take longer to reacquaint themselves with their bodies after having a baby. Any masturbation, however, should avoid the G-spot and any other insertion into the vagina.

According to Glamour , being able to orgasm after pregnancy typically involves the clitoris and, eventually, a lot of lube and your partner's fingers. Using fingers for sexual pleasure may be a good way to stimulate desire, since there is less pressure when a finger is inserted rather than a penis. According to Net Doctor, however, a finger should not be inserted into the vagina until after your doctor has cleared you for sex at your six week postpartum exam.

Although you should wait to reintroduce fingering into your sexual routine until you have been cleared by your doctor for all different types of intercourse, you can certainly allow your partner to use their fingers to pleasure your clitoris beforehand.

"There is no physiological need to abstain from stimulating the clitoris," certified sex therapist and couple therapy expert Ashley Grinonneau-Denton tells Romper. "My recommendation to new moms is to take the first opportunity that they feel inclined to do so."

As long as you are feeling comfortable enough in your body and your sexuality postpartum, it is safe to enjoy outer stimulation until your doctor gives you clearance for other types of sex.