Turns Out, Using An Egg After A C-Section Can Help With Recovery

by Irina Gonzalez

Throughout your pregnancy, you may find yourself worrying a lot about labor and delivery. But once you've gotten through the tough part and your baby has arrive, you can look ahead to your recovery. For some women, that means figuring out when they can resume their pre-pregnancy sex life (or something similar to it.) This may include the use of the yoni or jade egg, leading many new moms to wonder how soon can you use an egg after a C-section?

If you haven't heard of the egg before, then you are missing out. According to Essence, the yoni or jade egg is a polished stone in the shape of an egg that is created to be inserted into the vagina. They are believed to have been created in China and used by concubines of the emperor for sexual prowess and vitality. Today they're commonly used in place of Kegel exercises, and are believed to strengthen your vaginal muscles.

They've become known as one of the best tools for vaginal fitness, and have been found to decrease incontinence, help you re-tone post-childbirth, and improve your orgasms. So it's no wonder that you may want to start using them as soon as you can again postpartum. But what will that actually entail and how safe is it?

The main thing you'll want to consider before going back to or trying an egg for the first time is how your C-section recovery is going. According to SELF, recovery from a C-section can take as much as eight weeks. In an interview with SELF, OB-GYN Dr. Angela Jones said it's important to take the recovery process seriously, saying:

"That means no lifting anything heavier than your baby, no pushing and pulling motions, and no deep bending until your incision heals. You’ll also have to get used to sitting in the passenger seat for up to the first two weeks as driving is often a no-no, at least until you are comfortable looking over both shoulders without any pain and hitting the break without wincing."

Using an egg, however, may be able to help with some of your postpartum healing. On her website, doula Lacey Broussard wrote that jade egg can be used for postpartum healing because it "reestablishes pelvic health," "awaken your sexual energy," and help with practicing self-care.

If you're healing from your C-section and no longer experiencing pain, then you might be good to take the egg for a test run. Of course, you shouldn't jump into any postpartum sexual activity without getting a doctor's approval. Check in with your healthcare provider and, if they give you the clear, enjoy your sexual reawakening.