These Are The Odds Of Your Relationship Succeeding, According To The Zodiac

For centuries, people have turned to the night skies to see what the stars have to say about their life. From love and luck to health and wealth, the cosmos cover it all. If you're feeling a little curious about how successful (or doomed) your relationship is likely to be, based on you and your partner's zodiac signs, astrology could have the answers.

As with most successful joint ventures, compatibility is key. Having more than bedroom activities in common can go a long way in assuring the longevity of your relationship. Since a person's zodiac sign says a lot about their personality traits, that might indicate how well you sync up with your significant other.

Going beyond your sun sign — the zodiac sign that corresponds to the day you were born, according to Cafe Astrology — your element sign plays a role in relationships. "Water is emotional, Earth is practical, Air is free-spirited, Fire is passionate, charismatic," psychic Amira Celon tells Romper. Each element rules three signs of the zodiac. "Fire has Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; Earth has Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; Air has Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; Water has Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces," astrologer Linda Furiate tells Romper. So, if you want to see how you and your partner's signs stack up, check out this astrological guide.

Fire And Fire

This combination could be too hot to handle. "Fire signs can have instant bursts of inspiration, but their tempers can easily flare when they're angry, too," millennial astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Romper. "Fire and fire could work, although I wouldn't want to see these two in an argument." Consider yourself warned.

Fire And Water

"This match can either boil with steamy sensuality or fizzle from too many misunderstandings," Hazel Dixon Cooper, an astrologer and author, says. "Fire can burn up sensitive water’s feelings." You may want to proceed with caution in this match-up.

Fire And Earth

"Fire and Earth together create something solid, like an adobe brick," astrologer Sharon Smith tells Romper. "It can also be difficult for both, as Fire flies up and Earth energy goes down." If you and your partner put in some effort, this team could work.

Fire And Air

"This is truly one of the best combinations since Fire and Air feed off each other’s energy," Furiate says. "Air fuels the imagination and inspiration of fire." It looks like this duo is ready to ignite.

Water And Fire

"Despite the steamy sexual chemistry, Fire doesn't have the patience to discover all of Water's layers and Fire's random bursts of energy can catch Water off guard," Mesa says. "Water puts fires out, enough said." It seems this pairing cancels each other's qualities out in a relationship.

Water And Water

"They are very compatible," Smith says. "It can feel like there are no boundaries, which come people like, until they start to feel they are drowning in emotion." As long as you both keep an open line of communication about your feelings, this combo should stay afloat.

Water And Earth

This pairing has potential to flourish. "Like living in a lush garden, this couple works hard to cultivate a safe and secure relationship," Dixon Cooper tells Romper. "Water helps Earth relax after a hard day in the real world."

Water And Air

"These two have a love/hate relationship," Furiate says. "Air loves the imagination and inspiration that it receives from Water, yet Water will tune out air." Again, communication can be critical in tipping the scales in your relationship.

Earth And Fire

"Fire brings passion and color to Earth's routine while Earth disciplines and grounds Fire," Mesa tells Romper. "Fire's temper might freak Earth out, but there is an interesting exchange here nonetheless." There's definitely potential here.

Earth And Water

"This can be excellent for both as Earth can hold Water’s creativity and emotional connection," Smith says. "Water brings humanity to Earth’s usual insistence on everything having practical value." As long as this remains a give and take situation, things shouldn't get too muddy.

Earth And Earth

"These two can move mountains together and build something of substance and value," Furiate tells Romper. "This combo shows great respect for the other person’s abilities, values, and accomplishments." When you and your partner put your mind to it, nothing seems impossible to accomplish together.

Earth And Air

"This is a difficult match because Earth can feel like it’s caught in a whirlwind and Air can feel like it’s dragging an anchor," Dixon Cooper says. "The more jealous Earth gets, the faster Air runs away." Perhaps keeping a steady pace will even out the turbulence in this romantic ride.

Air And Fire

"We all know Air is independent and detached, but Fire needs Air to survive," Mesa says. "Air brings Fire the ideas and Fire brings them to life." This match up brings new meaning to watching sparks fly.

Air And Water

The ability to empathize with each other plays a big role in this pairing. "These two can work since Air brings perspective to Water’s tendency to look at the world [through] an emotional lens," Smith says. "Water helps Air understand that humans are more than just their mental faculties."

Air And Earth

"Earth may find Air is too busy and always on the go," Furiate tells Romper. "Air is too conceptual for Earth and may feel like nothing tangible gets accomplished." Making sure you're on the same page when it comes to timing is key.

Air And Air

"An instant rapport with a catch: both are fickle and freedom-loving," Dixon Cooper says. "This couple needs to keep their eyes on each other if they want to stay together." Setting up boundaries could be helpful here.