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The Fall Equinox Is Coming — Here's How Your Horoscope Will Fare

by Cat Bowen

This Saturday, Sept. 22, the rays of the sun will cross directly in front of the middle of our fair planet, bringing to us equal parts day and night. Ever since humans have kept record of the comings and goings of all that happens in our celestial space, we have embraced and celebrated the autumnal equinox. The special day brings with it the promise of cooler weather, a fine harvest, and sometimes, a little magic. But what does it mean for you, personally? How the fall equinox affects your horoscope depends largely upon where your birthday falls on the celestial calendar.

According to the Arecibo Observatory, humans have situated their holidays around the equinoxes for hundreds of years. While they posit that it's because the equinox allowed ancient people to reckon time and plan for agricultural success, you may be inclined to believe it has something to do with the period's innate, witchy magic. Horoscopes, according to the University of California Berkeley (UCB), were designed in large part surrounding where the constellations fell in the sky, and how they were viewed at certain points throughout the year. The researchers wrote that the equinoxes are important to the nature of the predictions because of the effect they have on our views of the planetary alignment. But how does it impact your sign?


According to Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology, each equinox is aligned with a certain sign. The autumnal equinox occurs during Libra, which has an artistic, creative, and ultimately peaceful sign.

The book noted that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and those under this sign are known for being passionate trailblazers. The energy from the equinox might allow their supercharged personalities to sit back for a minute to gather their wits before the next project.


I'm a Taurus with Leo rising, so that means while I may be artistic and sensual, I'm also fairly given toward routine and a bit of arrogance. The Libra equinox could help move me towards the Leo's more light and fun side so I can get through the winter without ripping out my hair, according to


Given their dual nature and natural ants-in-the-pants personality, as per Astrology Signs, the fall equinox might hit Geminis extra hard. They want to be out there, living life, doing all the things. But the fall equinox begs you to look inward and slow down. A Gemini might find themselves shrinking from that.


Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology, noted that the fall equinox is a call from the planets to hunker down and allow your mind to settle in for the season. She told Women's Health that while it might be true that your body and mind are affected by the diminishing daylight, this is the natural time to slough off all of what's bothering you in anticipation for the beauty and newness of spring.

This is key for sensitive worry-prone souls like Cancers. They're intuitive and gentle, according to Llewellyn, and they need this time to heal their minds in preparation for the coming warmth.


Oh proud, headstrong Leo. They are usually given toward a creative nature, so they might find that their energy is boosted, renewed.

Llewellyn noted that how fall equinox affects your horoscope is that it draws the passionate, creative energy from the outer limits of the solar system and channels them into the individual, preparing them for the long months of darkness ahead. It provides an outlet for the mind when it becomes too much, too solitary, too dark.


Virgos are an organized personality, according to They can come across as aloof, but still waters run deep. The fall equinox brings in the coolness of fall and winter, and these fall babies conceived in the dark of winter could notice that they're more passionate and more creative than ever. They thrive in the time between the autumnal and vernal equinoxes, relishing the sensual quality of the dark.


Libra, this is your time. You're used to the equinox — you were born to it. You're as kind and as mutable as any of the zodiac, so you just go with the flow. The equinox means your birthday, so you're ready to party. Being an air sign, might I suggest a trip to the trampoline park? Seriously, it's a blast.


Set in their ways, signs like Scorpio might reason more creatively or perhaps look to new and interesting ways to solve problems. For more reserved or quiet signs like Pisces or Aquarius, the Libra's equinox could spell fun, even in small ways, like a new flair for fashion or desire to take up knitting.


According to Astrostyle, those under the Sagittarius sign are creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated. You're the one to plan the meetings, but also the ones to make sure they happen at a karaoke bars or the one to pass out coloring books to play with while you conduct the meeting. According to Astrostyle, you're acutely sensitive to changes in the celestial sphere, meaning that you could feel the equinox's power more acutely. The fall equinox happens under an air sign, and Sagittarius is a fire sign, so you're running the risk of becoming a blaze or burning out.


According to "Capricorn can be so hardworking and driven to succeed that they neglect their loved ones. They also can be too rigid, and tend to frown even when they're happy." Thank goodness for the loose energy of the equinox. It might be a peaceful time, but it's also a creative, live and let live period of the year. Capricorns need this time for balance and upset.


Aquarians can't be pigeon-holed. They're one of the most flexible signs, right next to Libra. They might get super-flighty, maybe even a little flakey with the energy of the equinox, or they might become peaceful, reserved, waiting. It's really up to the individual, noted Llewellyn.


Pisces are gentle and understanding according to, and this is likely to only increase during the equinox. They're a helpful sign whose understanding nature allows them to assist others through the transition from warm days to cool nights.