If Your Kid Is A Sagittarius Or Capricorn, Sh*ts Gonna Hit The Fan This Week

From newborns and toddlers to big kids and young adults, your child's mood can vary from day to day — often without much warning. In a perfect world, every parent would be given a crystal ball as soon as their baby is born to help them navigate the unpredictable waters of the parent and child dynamic. But until the day science fiction becomes reality, trusting your intuition is your best bet. With the event-filled upcoming cosmic calendar, wouldn't it be nice to know how the Saturn shift affects Sagittarius and Capricorn kids?

Before you can unpack the details, logistics, and nuances of how your child's behavior can be affected from an astrological standpoint, it can be super helpful to familiarize yourself with the planetary basics. In astrology, you might be surprised to find out that the moon is considered a planet when it comes to how the signs of the zodiac are affected, as astrology expert Linda Furiate explains. When you add lunar cycles to the mix, you can begin to see how movement in the solar system is a complex concept with many components.

So what are the main cosmic activities that will affect children born under the Sagittarius and Capricorn signs? The return of Saturn ends December 20, 2017 and Capricorn will see Saturn enter on December 19, 2017, according to Cafe Astrology. Plus, Furiate tells Romper that the New Moon begins on December 18, 2017 and that the Winter Solstice starts December 22, 2017. In addition to these events, Mercury continues to be in retrograde from December 3 to 23, 2017, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. With Saturn, Mercury, Earth's moon, and the Winter Solstice all taking place towards the end of the year, it's totally understandable that your Sagittarius or Capricorn child might have a lot going on over the coming days.

Just like the various zodiac signs have their own traits, the different planets also have their own set of attributes. It's believed that, "Saturn transits can be considered cycles of achievement and maturity," as Cafe Astrology noted. So you might notice a growth spurt, not in the physical way, but rather in your child's emotional development. Since both the ninth and tenth signs of the zodiac are all about independence, Saturn's movement can help facilitate a period of discovery when it comes to your child's sense of inner strength. Take a step back and allow your kid to learn on their own — even if it's tempting to interfere. As astrology expert Suzie Kerr Wright tells Romper, "they will question everything in order to test its integrity and validity." You can let them push the boundaries just a bit so that they can assert their beliefs and opinions.

In what's basically become a comedic conversation trope, Mercury in retrograde notoriously has negative effects on communication, according to Astrology. Couple this with the general understanding that younger kids have a difficult time expressing their complex thoughts and emotions, and you have the perfect recipe for a breakdown in dialogue between a parent and their children. So take a beat before you jump to any communication conclusions. This can also be a great teachable moment to explain how you can talk your way through frustrations rather than acting on those impulses.

Finally, with the New Moon and the Winter Solstice coinciding with each other, there's a feeling of a fresh start in the air. "This cycle perfectly aligns and is a great time for moms to impart their wisdom and insight onto their children," Furiate tells Romper. As your little one dips their toe into new waters with the adventurous spirit that both Sagittarius and Capricorn are known for, you can be there to help guide them with the knowledge you've gained throughout your own life experiences. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily handle whatever life throws your way as your kiddos conquer these cosmic changes.

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