Astrologers Say The Super Blue Moon Will *Def* Affect Your Horoscope

We've all heard the expression "once in a blue moon," right? That's because they're rare AF: A blue moon is what we call the second full moon in a month, and we only get one about once every two to three years. This month's blue moon, on Jan. 31, is even more unusual than most — It's also a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse (which will make it look blood red, not blue). This particular lunar happenstance hasn't occurred for centuries, so you're probably wondering... how will this month's super blue blood moon affect your zodiac sign?

Depending on your particular horoscope, this celestial phenomenon could be a pretty extreme experience for you, as astrologer Sonia Ana Ortiz tells Romper. "This lunar eclipse is going to make a lot of folks in the Fixed Sign category (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus) uncomfortable and face facts that they may have to make some changes," says Ortiz. "These changes will revolve around relationships to themselves as well as others. It's gonna be a mini-meltdown followed by a major breakthrough, all in a matter of hours!"

Astrologer Maressa Brown agrees that intense times are ahead. "Astrologically, the big deal is that it is a total lunar eclipse in Leo," she tells Romper. "That Leo energy (encouraging every sign to embrace romance, playfulness, self-love, confidence, fiery energy) is really going to be amplified. And emotions are just going to be super intense all week."

Um... gulp? Or maybe not. Sometimes you have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough, right? As a recent article in Elite Daily explained, how this blue moon, blood moon, eclipse, and Supermoon will affect your unique sign depends on which house of your chart it falls in; for example, if you're a Gemini, it'll be in your third house (which represents communication), whereas if you're a Taurus, your fourth house (domestic life) will be most affected. Read on to find out what you can expect on this most momentous of astrological occasions!



"This eclipse is hitting your romance sector, so it's possible you'll encounter drama around a casual romance, a date night with your partner, a flirtation you've been having with someone on a swiping app," says Brown.

"You may be pushing for one result but end up going down a completely different, spontaneous path, which is really the direction you're meant to go in. The lesson here is that you're better off going with the flow."



As we mentioned above, if you were born under the sign of the bull, you'll feel this moon most in your domestic life — so that could mean anything from your home itself to the people who live in it with you.

"This full moon eclipse is all about family and home life, as that's the zone it's hitting," says Brown. "You might experience big changes on the home front (like moving) or needing to have an emotional confrontation with a relative. An assertive but loving approach to any challenge is best. And you'll do well not to let pride get the best of you."



Get ready to dig deep and open up, Gemini:

"Eclipses have a way of bringing underlying issues to the surface, and that's certainly going to be the case for you," says Brown.

This moon will hit your third house of communication, "fueling deep, dramatic, passionate conversations with your nearest and dearest," she adds. "If you've been avoiding a major talk with a partner, family member, or friend, you probably won't be able to avoid it any longer around this eclipse."



It's all about the Benjamins, Cancer!

"The eclipse is hitting your second house of income, bringing about significant shifts or epiphanies around your job and cash flow," says Brown.

"There's certainly going to be an emotional component, too, which you won't want to discount. If your regular gig has been making you feel unfulfilled or downright blue, now's the time to see the writing on the wall and nail down your exit or long-term strategy, so you can make your professional dreams and earning goals a reality."



If you're a Leo, it could be time to get real about who you are and what you want. "Because the full moon eclipse is in your sign, it's going to bring to light issues/realizations around identity and self-confidence, how you can more fully embrace who you are and what you want as an individual," says Brown.

"Trusting your gut, following your heart, being true to yourself. You're gonna have to take off those rose-colored glasses that you're famous for may have been kidding yourself about something for a while now and it's time for a wake-up call. But you'll be stronger and better off for it in the long run."



Feeling zen, Virgo?

"The full moon eclipse is hitting your twelfth house of spirituality, making this a time for self-reflection and meditation," Brown says.

"Expressing yourself through a creative outlet may be a particularly helpful way to process a lot of deeply felt emotions you experience now. But it's also possible you'll want to put that off for a bit and just take a time-out from the daily grind, because the moment feels so intense... and that's OK, too."



Now's the time for social networking if you're a Libra.

"This eclipse is hitting your eleventh house of networking/friendships, urging you to get out there and be social, maybe do something different in the way you relate to teams you're on for work or the circle of friends you spend time with," says Brown.

"You may actually want to step into more of a leadership role than you have before. You'll do well to embrace your more confident, go-getter side now."



If you're a Scorpio, you could be in for a significant career shift.

"The full moon eclipse will affect your tenth house of career, shaking up interactions with higher-ups and aiming to get you on a more powerful, impactful path that makes it possible for you to hit your long-term professional goals," says Brown.

"Perhaps you'll be recognized for an ongoing project or find that a lack of recognition is unacceptable. Believing in yourself and getting a bird's eye view of the situation will be key."



Pack your bags, Sag!

"The full moon eclipse is affecting your ninth house of higher education and adventure, perhaps drawing your attention to a way you can advance your skills to hit your professional goals or a long-distance travel plan you've been musing about for a while," says Brown.

"Basically you won't be able to think small around this time — you're itching to expand your horizons and plan/do something that makes you feel like you're taking your life experience to the next level. Go for it."



If you're a Capricorn, your relationship might be about to hit the next level (especially one aspect of your relationship).

"The full moon eclipse will be hitting your eighth house of emotional bonds/sex," says Brown, "so you may find that you're compelled to deep your connection with a significant other or address an ongoing concern related to your intimate life/sex life. Your instinct is usually to take a very serious approach, but a lighter-hearted take (if possible) may be more productive now."



Buckle up, Aquarius: "The full moon eclipse will hit your seventh house of partnership, acting like lightning around your closest relationships," says Brown, "whether that's with your actual partner/mate/SO or closest friend or colleague. You may realize it's time to change course, and take your relationship to the next level, whatever that looks like."

As Ortiz says, depending on your situation, you might realize something along the lines of: "1. I need to fix this about me. 2. Maybe this person is too toxic for me and it is time to end it. 3. I realize I actually love and want to be with so and so." Follow your heart and be brave!



Thinking about finally joining a gym, Pisces?

"This full moon eclipse is affecting your sixth house of wellness and routine, potentially stirring up deep-rooted emotions and drama around your day-to-day schedule and health," says Brown.

"Hard work on your fitness and healthy eating could either be paying off or you may feel like you've totally hit a wall, but either way, you'll realize it's time to switch things up. Major themes to focus on that may help: being social, building your confidence, and figuring out what you can do that you actually take pleasure in and find fun!"

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