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How These Moms Make Having Opposite Parenting Styles Work For Them


Here's one major challenge to motherhood that no one likes to talk about: What exactly are you supposed to do after the birth of your first kid if you and your partner realize you have completely different parenting styles? That was precisely the case for moms LB and Rachelle Gilbert. After LB gave birth to the couple's twins, Finley and Olive, in 2015, she found herself taking a laid-back approach to motherhood. But her belief that kids should be kids — and hey, a few small bumps and bruises aren't the end of the world — turned out to be in direct competition with her wife's constant worry that something terrible would happen to their twins at any moment.

Rather than favoring one person's parenting methods over the other, they trusted that teamwork would ultimately serve their kids best. We're proud to partner with Baby Dove to tell LB and Rachelle's story in the video below, and remind moms everywhere that there is no perfect way to parent your kids — only the way that is best for you and your family. Check out their story, and then find more honest, relatable content by moms like you in our Moms Unfiltered hub.

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