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How To Change Your Profile Picture For Mother's Day

There are lots of ways to show your mom how much you adore and appreciate her this Mother's Day: make her breakfast in bed, wash her car, treat her to a pedicure and lunch, have her grandchildren serenade her. They're all nice gestures, but what do such earthly overtures really mean in 2017 if your undying adulation for the woman who raised you isn't even Facebook official? Behold, an easy fix for celebrating Mother's Day in the modern era: Here's how to add a Mother's Day Profile picture filter on Facebook to show your mom (and your entire social network) that you think she's the bomb.

First, there's the Rainbow Filter tool, which has among its many, many filter options one just for Mother's Day — or any day of the year when you especially "heart" your mom. Just locate "Mother's Day" on the site's long and exhaustive list of filters, click it, and then choose "Mom Filter" on the next page. If you're already signed into Facebook, the site will automatically display your current profile picture with the "I [heart] MY MOM" overlay. You'll then have the option to either download the photo or to set it as your Facebook profile photo directly. Just remember to let your mom know that she's officially your #1.

Another way to heap some love on your mom and raise breast cancer awareness is to mom-ify your profile pic for any social media site through Susan G. Komen's official website. Visit the breast cancer awareness and research organization's website and upload your photo. Once you type in your name and email address, you'll be able to download the filtered version, which will no sport the "I [heart] MOM" proclamation along with the organization's signature pink breast cancer ribbon. Users are encouraged to spread their photos across social media platforms using the hashtag #4EveryMom.

And there are other Facebook-centric ways to send some love Mom's way this Sunday. According to The Daily Dot, the site is making it easy for users to send their moms virtual cards, use Mother's Day-themed frames on photos, use the reaction "thankful" when liking a post, and even donate to a cause like the American Civil Liberties Union or the National Parks Service on your mom's behalf.

Let your mom know via social media and in every other way how much she means to you this Mother's Day. After all, she'd probably do it for you.