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Adding Videos To An Instagram Gallery? It's Simple

A new Instagram update is here, and storytellers are going to love the new feature: Instagram now lets users add up to 10 photos to a single post, which is perfect for compiling a mini-album or letting you tell a chronological story in swipes. Even better? Galleries can include videos, too! If you're wondering how to add videos to an Instagram gallery, never fear. I've compiled some handy instructions for making your Instagram gallery a beautiful collage of moving and still pictures.

To start your Instagram gallery off, you'll need to click the gallery icon in the bottom-right corner of your picture (it should read "Select multiple"). From there, you can select up to 10 photos or videos to use. Once you've picked out the chosen ones that will make up your gallery and clicked "Next," you can drag and drop the photos and videos into whatever order you choose. Each photo and video can be edited individually (although you can also apply a filter to all of them in a single go, because consistency can be creative too, guys).

In the edit screen, you can also crop each of the videos in your gallery (they can be a maximum of 10 seconds long) and decide whether or not to include audio in them. And yes, a video can be the very first item at the front of your gallery, and you can upload up to 10 videos in one go. (Just imagine — we could have had Kim Kardashian's infamous Kanye West and Taylor Swift phone conversation on Instagram forever.)

If you're scrolling through Instagram and want to check out someone else's Instagram gallery, you'll be able to identify a multi-photo or multi-video post by the grey dots lining the bottom of it. Swipe through (in a Tinder-esque manner) and you'll see the entire gallery.

Of the many updates Instagram has introduced, this one has been just as controversial as the rest — but personally, I'm excited for it. It should be an interesting tool for marketers, bloggers, and photographers, and it should make it easier for users to craft sponsored content and carve out their personal brands. (I'm also crossing my fingers and hoping this doesn't mean people will start using galleries as permanent Instagram Stories, though, since that's an area of the app I happily stay out of.)

Regardless of how you decide to use Instagram's latest update, happy 'gramming! Here's to hoping users make many beautiful slideshows and stop posting five individual pictures out of order.