How To Alleviate The Pain Of Back Labor With 5 Easy Moves

by Olivia Youngs

As you approach your due date, you're likely running every possible scenario of labor through your mind. You're reveling in the joy of finally holding your baby and, possibly, dreading the possibility of back labor. Although back labor is rumored to be worse than "regular labor" pain, it generally varies from person to person. But knowing a few tricks on how to alleviate the pain of back labor — because it won't be pleasant — can help you be prepared should the pain be focused in your back.

I experienced back labor in both of my labors, and in the spirit of transparency, it wasn't any worse than any unmediated other pain that I felt. However, some women claim the pain is worse, while others say it isn't as bad as regular labor pains.

According to Baby Center, back labor is usually due to the pressure of baby's head against your lower back as they enter the birth canal. It can occur during contractions or in between them and is sometimes very intense and difficult to alleviate. There isn't much you can do to prevent back labor, but there are a few helpful positions that may alleviate it. If you're experiencing back pain, laying on your back is the worst thing you can do, so experiment with new positions and find what helps the most for you.


Get On All Fours

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Whether you're on the ground or on the hospital bed, Baby Center noted that getting on your hands and knees will take the pressure off of your back and help with turning your baby if they're in an unfavorable position.


Have Your Partner Or Birth Coach Put Pressure On Your Pelvis


Standing up, leaning over the bed, or getting on all fours while someone puts pressure on your pelvis can work wonders.


Take A Warm Bath


The American Pregnancy Association suggested taking a warm bath or shower as a method of hydrotherapy which can relieve discomfort and relax your muscles.


Take A Walk

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What to Expect noted that walking around the room or squatting may help alleviate the pain as well.


Bounce On The Birthing Ball

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Baby Center noted that bouncing on a birthing ball can work wonders on easing back pain as well as giving you something to do besides thinking about the pain.