How To Baby Proof Your BBQ So Your Tot Can Safely Partake

by Olivia Youngs

Summer is in full swing and with it comes longer days and warmer nights, most of which are likely spent BBQing with friends and family. But after becoming a parent, these shindigs aren't strictly fun and games anymore. As you already know, there's a whole new level of safety that must be thought through when there is a baby around. Believe it or not, baby proofing isn't just limited to things like stairways, make-up drawers, and cabinets of cleaning supplies. You should also know how to baby proof your BBQ, because every parent knows that kids are masters at getting into things they shouldn't.

Whether your child is rolling, crawling, walking, or not such a baby anymore, there are still necessary precautions to take to ensure that everyone is as safe and happy as possible. Although most of these steps will probably be second nature to most parents, it's still worth making a few mental (and maybe even physical) notes of them to make sure that there aren't any reckless accidents due to lack of foresight. Since summer should be a carefree, casual, and relaxing time for everyone, do yourself (and your baby) a favor and prepare before your next BBQ or outdoor party using these tips.


Set Up A Perimeter

Whether it's purchasing a gate or fence to put around your grill or drawing a perimeter with chalk for older kids, make sure to make it clear that the grill is off limits.


Bring Baby-Friendly Distractions

As children usually gravitate towards the very thing you want them to avoid, try to plan a bit ahead and bring toys, snacks, or anything to keep them preoccupied while the grill is running.


Provide Baby-Friendly Foods

There's no better way to keep a kid distracted while you make food than with some food all their own. Plus, when it's time for the adults to eat, bringing some baby-friendly snacks will save you from having to share your meal. Double win.


Keep Sharp Edges Out Of Reach

This one is a no-brainer, but sometimes when you're busy and multi-tasking, things can go unnoticed. Having a specific baby-proofed drawer or magnetic strip for your knives by the grill will help keep them out of baby's reach.


Keep Alcoholic Beverages In A Separate Cooler

Another obvious one, but making sure your child can't accidentally access beverages for adults only is huge. Instead of keeping a keg or pitcher outside, keep your drinks in a cooler or inside out of the way.


Take Water Safety Precautions

If there's a pool or sprinklers or body of water nearby, take extra precautions. According to Kid's Health, children can drown in less than two inches of water. So it's not only important to keep little ones away from water, but make sure older children have taken the appropriate precautions. If you're hosting the event, it may not hurt to hire a lifeguard to keep things extra safe.


Assign Someone To "Baby Duty"

Whether it's a paid babysitter, a friend, or your partner, asking someone who isn't cooking to watch the little ones will add an extra level of assurance.