How To Be A Better Spouse To A Working Mom In 11 Easy Steps

Family life moves at a fast pace. Somedays it's hard to find time to finish a meal between work, kids, and social obligations. Children have a way of monopolizing your time and energy, leaving few reserves for other relationships, most importantly, your marriage. To show that you're invested in making your relationship the best it can be, start by figuring out how to be a better spouse to a working mom. Being supportive goes a long way in a marriage, and making an effort to go the extra mile shows your spouse that you are their number one fan.

Even though some working moms make juggling work life and home life look easy, everyone needs to feel like their spouse has their back. No one can do it all alone and still feel sane at the end of the day. Stepping up to encourage and support your spouse doesn't have to be done with grand gestures; simple everyday efforts go a long way. Just the fact that you're trying can make your wife fall in love with you all over again.

Don't wait until a convenient time to be a better spouse to a working mom. There's no time like the present to show how much you care.


Erase Her Guilt

As Parents magazine pointed out, working moms often struggle with guilt, feeling like their job takes away too much time from family life. When you notice your spouse going to her guilty place, remind her how much she contributes to both the family and her workplace, and is very much needed in both places.


Check In

Pick a day each week and check in with your partner to see what she needs this week. According to Psychology Today, couples who ask their partner for a specific kind of support tend to be happier and feel the most supported. You don't have to play a guessing game, just come out and ask how you can help the most.


Plan Family Outings

If the working mom in your life is typically the one who plans outings for the family, surprise her by scheduling something everyone will enjoy. This will take something off her to do list and give her the chance to be along for the ride.


Express Gratitude

One "thank you," can be the silver lining to a crappy day. As the website for USA Today reported, gratitude is the most significant predictor of relationship satisfaction. Make an effort to show and tell your spouse that you are grateful for her.


Plan Date Nights

Don't get caught in the trap of: What do you want to do? Instead, take the initiative to plan a date night here and there. As relationship expert Seth Meyers told CNN, carving out time to spend as a couple, is key to making a marriage work.


Remind Her What She's Doing Right

As a working mom, staying on top of a mountain of responsibilities can make me feel overwhelmed at times. It always feels good when my husband points out everything I'm doing right. Turns out, he's on to something. According to Redbook magazine, when couples focus on positive things about their spouse, it boost relationship morale.


Be Strategic With Grievances

Disagreeing is inevitable in any relationship, but choosing when to air your grievances makes a difference. Choosing the right time and place to bring up a topic of tension is important, according to Pysch Central. For example, picking a fight as soon as your spouse comes home is not recommended.


Help With Rush Hour Tasks

In my house, the most stressful times are mornings and bedtime. Being active in both those rush hour responsibilities will show the working mom in your life that you're truly in a partnership.


Show Affection

Cuddle up, make out, and get it on — make affection a priority in your relationship. As Cosmopolitan magazine pointed out, a study published in The Journal of Gerontology: Series B, found that couples who enjoyed more intimacy ranked higher in marriage satisfaction.


Send A Thoughtful Text

Use technology to your advantage, and send your spouse thoughtful texts throughout the day, as suggested by Psych Central. If you know your wife has a big meeting, wish her luck with a quick text. Or just a simple, "I love you," worked well every day.


Give Her Alone Time

Working moms need to decompress like everyone else. Offer your partner the luxury of some alone time, at least a few times each month. It will allow her to recharge her batteries and clear her head.