How To Breastfeed When You're Freezing & Don't Want To Take Off Another Layer

This winter will be the first one in the past three years that I'm not breastfeeding. And though I'm all for cozy layers and snuggling up close with my babes, I'm not going to miss trying to figure out how to breastfeed when you're freezing and don't want to take off another layer. With holiday shopping, travel plans to to see friends and family, and the general air of business that surrounds this season, chances are you'll be nursing your baby in a handful of unfamiliar places — some of which may be a bit colder than you'd like.

However, breastfeeding in cold weather isn't impossible if you know how to layer up. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your comfort and body temperature to nurse, so being strategic about what you wear will save you from having to take off your warmest layers. For example, sweater dresses are notoriously hard to breastfeed in (discreetly at least.) On the other hand, cardigans, open sweaters, and loose layers can be your best, coziest friends that you won't have to take off to breastfeed.

Coming from someone who has had my fair share of chilly nursing sessions, I know the power of a carefully planned outfit on days that make you want to stay in and cozy up by the fire.


Wear A Bra That's Very Easy To Access

There's nothing harder than breastfeeding through multiple layers in a bra that won't stay put when you're trying to nurse. Most bras that are nursing-specific have clasps that allow them to fold down, and stay down, like this wireless full coverage nursing bra ($19) from The Motherhood, instead of pulling themselves back into place.


Make Cardigans And Open Sweaters Your Best Friend

The great thing about cardigans is that they have all of the coziness of a pullover sweater, but without the bulk. Simply pull it to the side or use it as a cover, removing at least one layer from the equation.


Invest In A Few Nursing Friendly Layering Basics

If you're comfortable with pulling your shirt down from the top, a deep v-neck shirt (or tank underneath a longsleeve top) makes it easy to wear underneath warmer pieces like a cardigan or sweater. Otherwise, buying a breastfeeding friendly shirt and wearing it under a cardigan, jacket or sweater will allow you to still stay warm and lift up only one layer.


Use Wearable Blankets And Wraps

Wearable blankets, blanket scarves, or even baby wraps, like the Bamboobies nursing shawl ($30) from Target, make great accessories that can double as an extra layer to drape over you and your baby — and to use as a cozy nursing cover should you need it.


Choose A Warm And Comfortable Spot To Nurse

Ultimately, your warmth will probably depend on where you choose to nurse your baby. If you have to be outside, you'll likely need more layers. But nursing inside when you're out and about can save you the pain of getting too cold and wondering whether your baby is warm enough.