How To Buy 'Lemonade'? It Was Released On Tidal

by Casey Suglia

It is finally here. Beyoncé's long awaited hour-long video debuted on HBO on Saturday and fans, including me are freaking out. After much mystery surrounding the project and a lot of build up leading up to it, Lemonade has finally arrived — and here is how to buy Lemonade: Beyoncè released the songs and album, Lemonade, on Tidal during the broadcast.

It is only obvious that Beyoncé would make Lemonade a Tidal Exclusive. Beyoncé's latest single and last release, "Formation," was exclusively released on Tidal — you could only watch the video and hear the song on Tidal until Beyoncé put them both up on Youtube.

This was a first for Beyoncé, who had released previous albums on iTunes and later, Spotify who released her last album, Beyoncé in 2013, as an iTunes exclusive and then later released it on Spotify. "Formation" is nowhere to be found on either of those music streaming websites, so it's not surprising that Lemonade won't be there either — at least for the time being.

Another reason Lemonade being exclusive to Tidal comes as no surprise is, of course, that Beyonce's husband, Jay Z, actually owns Tidal — with a bevy of other celebrities, including Beyonce herself. Even though Jay Z once forgot that he owned Tidal (honest mistake), the streaming service has been increasing in popularity. Tidal has the exclusive streaming rights to Prince's music catalogue and had the original streaming rights to Kanye West's long-anticipated album, The Life of Pablo.

In fact, Fortune claims that Beyoncé and Kanye West's Tidal exclusives could have possibly saved Tidal from falling to other popular music streaming sources, like Apple Music. But with the release of Lemonade, Tidal is sure to keep that number one reputation.

Beyoncé first debuted the trailer to Lemonade two weeks ago, after teasing the project on her Instagram account for quite some time (yes, she was taking pictures with all of those lemons for a reason). In the trailer, Beyoncé appears in different mysterious scenes, while her voice carries over the trailer. "What are you hiding?" she asks and then later adds "you are the love of my life," as the trailer fades to black.

Many people had to wonder what it was — a documentary, a concept music video, or the announcement of a new album? Whatever it would be, Beyoncé kept us on the edge of our seats and kept us guessing until now. Now, there is no need to keep guessing because you can finally purchase Lemonade on Tidal. Happy Bey Day!