How To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Your Kids

Cinco de Mayo celebrations are known for lively music, delicious salsa, and mouth-water margaritas, but what started as a humble holiday in Mexico has evolved into a way for Americans to honor and celebrate Mexican culture. Introducing children to this tradition gives you lots of opportunities to be creative with how you celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your kids. Whether you host a big party or simply have an authentic dinner with your family, kids will have the chance to learn about a new culture and make connections to their own.

You don't even need to leave your house to experience the energy and liveliness of Cinco de Mayo. Use simple craft ideas to create decorations to place around your house, and whip up tasty versions of traditional Mexican food and drink to fashion your own version of an old fashion fiesta. Cinco de Mayo feels like a big party, and kids will get in the spirit fast, just make sure to stir in some meaning by explaining the reason Mexican's celebrate their victory over France. Even the smallest bit of history can add depth to your celebration this May.

If you want to include the littles on the fun this year, try these ideas for celebrating Cinco de Mayo with kids that are sure to get the party started.


Make A Playlist

If you're planning on having a fiesta, make sure your tunes are on point. Create a playlist of Mexican inspired songs that will make everyone want to bust out their best Salsa and Merengue dance moves.


DIY Fiesta Flowers

Turn your home into a colorful backdrop for a rockin' fiesta. You and the littles will be addicted to crating these fiesta flowers with easy to follow instructions from Aunt Peaches. Try draping them on walls, dangling a few from ceiling fans, or making a bold centerpiece.


Get Your Dip On

When celebrating Cinco de Mayo, nothing's better than fan fave snacks — and when it comes to delicious salsas and guac, A Beautiful Mess has you covered. Try their version of Cinco de Mayo favorites, like salsas made with mango and strawberry. Just make sure to make a ton, because this goodness won't last long on your table!


Have A History Lesson

Let the History Channel do the talking, and share this four minute informative video with the kids to help them understand the meaning behind Cinco de Mayo, and why it is an important part of Mexican culture.


Margaritas (Adult & Kid Versions)

The margarita is a cocktail that can easily be turned into a mocktail. Use Julie Blanner's recipe for a classic margarita to mix up a libation for the grown ups, then make another batch, sans tequila, and the kids can toast to Cinco de Mayo as well.


Attend An Authentic Parade

And not a parade of drunk people who don't know what the holiday is really about. See if there is an authentic Cinco de Mayor parade in your town or find on on TV to watch with the kids.


Whip Up A Feast

If you and the kids will be feeding a crowd, gather up the littles in the kitchen and let them help you prepare a Mexican feast. Try these simple Cinco de Mayo recipes from Parenting magazine, that are sure to be crown pleasers for little and big partyers.