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11 Ways To Celebrate May The 4th With Your Family

by Autumn Jones

Although it's not an official holiday (yet) no self-respecting Star Wars fan is going to let May the 4th go by without a nod to the force. Whether you're preparing to go all out with a massive party or planning something small with your nearest and dearest, it's always fun to bring the next generation of Jedis into the festivities. Deciding how to celebrate May the 4th with your family can be done easily by adding kid-friendly activities to the day. All ages will love honoring this day with themed games, treats, and crafts that help make May the 4th extra special.

This day became recognized as Star Wars Day by fans all over the world when one of the best puns of all time formed: "May the fourth be with you." Playing off the movie's famous line, "May the force be with you," Star Wars film fanatics everywhere quickly adopted May 4th as a day to indulge (even more than normal) in all things Empire, Ewok, and lightsaber, as Huff Post explained. But you don't have to be an die hard fan to get in on the fun. Use these 11 ideas for celebrating May the 4th with your family to have a memorable day.


DIY Your Own Death Star Notebook

Have ideas about how to assist the rebellion? Jot them all down in this Rogue One Death Star plans notebook that you and the family can make yourselves following a step by step guide from the movie's official website.


Drink Yoda Soda

Raise a glass to the Force with a family friendly drink: Yoda soda. Simply add green food coloring or lime sherbet to the clear, lemon-lime soda of your choice.


Dress The Part

The whole family can dress as their favorite Star Wars character for movie watching, a special meal celebration, or for the entire day. Grab garb for your empire with official Star Wars costumes (Prices Vary) and take on another persona for May the 4th.


Act Out Your Fave Scenes

With so many movies in the franchise to choose from, everyone in the family will have a scene that they love watching again and again. Allow each person to cue the film to their favorite scene and act it out while it plays on the big screen. Or just choreograph a lightsaber fight to act out in public, as Huff Post suggested.


Donate Old Toys

If you've collected toys, games, or books about Star Wars over the years, it may be time to pass on some of the unused or less sentimental items to some Jedis with less. As the website We Are Movie Geeks suggested, you can donate gently used Star Wars items to an organization that serves kids in need.


Build A Photo Booth

Making May the 4th into a party? Brit + Co noted that you can create a galaxy of memories by putting together a Star Wars photo booth using a fun background and adding text with your favorite photo apps.


Build Your Own Empire

Use Lego Star Wars sets (Prices Vary) to recreate your own version of the movies through play. After you construct your sets, you can choose to display them, play with them, or even make your own fan movie.


Visit A Theme Park

If you really want to party on May 4, take a trip to Disney World or Disneyland to experience a Star Tours adventures first hand. You and the family can be a Jedi for the day and make a this day one for the books.


Make Your Own Mix

Grab sounds effects and quotes from the films to whip up your own unique mix by using the Star Wars soundboard game available on the Star Wars website.


Drink Blue Milk

Now you and your family can enjoy the same beverage served by Aunt Beru served to Luke Skywalker each morning at breakfast. Make blue milk, as USA Today suggested, by adding some blue food coloring to the morning milk.


Enjoy A Movie Marathon

It just doesn't seem right to lay your head down on May 4 without catching at least a few scenes from from a Star Wars movie. Even if you don't have time to sit and watch one in it's entirety, keep them playing in the background while you're in the house on the May 4 to keep force strong with you.