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How To Change Your Facebook Photo, In Honor Of 9/11

The United States came under attack, just 15 years ago. Nearly everyone can remember where and when they were on Sept. 11, 2001. The events from the day were shocking and terrifying for all citizens of the United States of America. So many years later, people all around the world continue to remember the lives of those lost and show their support in many different ways. One way to show support is to change your Facebook photo, in honor of 9/11 and the lives lost.

On September 11, many will choose to remember those lives. According to USA Today, some 3,000 people died that day and nearly 33,000 people are currently being treated for illnesses and cancers caused by the attacks. It is important to remember these numbers, on top of the hundreds of thousands of people who lost family member and friends in the towers, on the flights, and the aftermath the attacks. There are many different ways to remember the attacks; Moments of silence were observed all across the nation on Sunday morning at the times when the towers were hit. In New York City, according to the Wall Street Journal, the 3,000 names of all of the victims from the attacks were read by different family members at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

While many cannot attend the memorial in New York, there is one way to show support for the victims of the attacks, their family members, and their friends — through your Facebook profile picture. If you can't find an official Facebook filter, don't worry: Using a free photo editing website, like Pixlr, allows you to put the American flag, a photo of the memorial, or something similar, overlain on your profile picture, as a gesture of solidarity, no matter how small.

Here, I've compiled an easy step-by-step tutorial using Pixlr and my own photo, for you to follow along.

Step 1: Choose Your Photo

When you get to Pixlr's website, you will be greeted by this screen. Click "Browse" to upload your current profile picture or the picture of your choice. I chose an old profile picture of mine.

Step 2: Click on the Adjustment Tab & Click On The "Add Image" Icon

This tab will allow you to add the flag on top of your photo. That is the hard part. All that is left is some minor adjustments. See, I told you it was easy.

Step 3: Find & Save Your Flag

Nothing is more symbolic of the 9/11 attacks than the United States flag that stood tall and proud, even amongst the rubble of the destruction. For this photo, I used Flag Lane. Flag Lane provides free downloads of the US flag in different sizes. I chose the large JPG file for best image quality and size and saved it to my desktop.

Step 4: Upload Your Flag

Under the "Add Image" tab, click "Browse" and upload your saved flag. It might not fit your photo, so make the necessary size adjustments. It will also come out very dark, but this is where the next step comes in.

Step 5: Change Your "Opacity" & Click "Apply"

Opacity levels will be different for everyone, depending on the composition of your profile picture. I found that 46 percent opacity worked best for me, letting the base image still show while still maintaining the colors of the US flag. After finding the right opacity, click "apply."

Step 6: Save & Upload Your Photo

After clicking "Save" on Pixlr and downloading the image to your computer, then head over to Facebook to upload your brand new profile photo. You can click "Make Temporary" to just show your support for the day or save it permanently, to show your extended support for the United States.

9/11 is a day of remembrance. Changing your profile picture is just one of the ways to remember those who lost their lives and those affected by the attacks.