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How To Conceal Your Pregnancy When You're With Your Family

by Olivia Youngs

The holiday season is here, and with it comes the traditional family gatherings, Thanksgiving dinners, holiday parties, and a host of other events where you're likely to be around people. When you're pregnant and trying to keep it a secret, parties (holiday or otherwise) are one of the most difficult places to be. Learning how to conceal your pregnancy when you're with your family or friends is important if you're planning a big announcement once you're further down the road in your pregnancy.

You don't need to be a seasoned white-liar or a professional actress to convince people you aren't pregnant. But it can be difficult when you're feeling side effects of your first trimester like nausea, exhaustion, and the desire to not be around people and just stay in bed all day. However, not giving away your secret will pay off when you get to reveal your big news just the way you'd planned.

Simple distractions may be enough, but if you're the usual life of the family gatherings and people start acting suspicious when you've taken one too many trips to the bathroom or after you've repeatedly turned down your favorite champaign, it may be time to bring out the big guns, so to speak.


When They Ask Why You're Not Drinking

As the holidays approach, your family will probably give you suspicious glances when you turn down that traditional glass of wine during dinner. When "I just don't want a drink" doesn't feel sufficient, ask your partner to sneakily switch drinks with you or, pull the age old stunt of swapping your bubbly for seltzer.


When You're Feeling Nauseous

Queasiness is especially hard to hide around food oriented gatherings. Make sure you bring snacks that you know work well with your stomach, and if you need to turn down some soft cheese or a sushi roll, say you're on a cleanse. That will keep them quiet for the time being.


When You Start To Show

Loose clothes will be your best friend when your baby belly starts to make its first appearances. Veer away from form fitting pieces, and stick to boxy silhouettes or loose flow-y tops and dresses. No one will be the wiser.


When You're Hungry All Of The Time

An extra-ravenous appetite is a normal side-effect of pregnancy (once you're past the morning sickness bit) and, luckily, holiday gatherings are the perfect place for an appetite. If you find yourself eating more than you'd normally consume, give the credit to "extra workouts" or just how beautifully prepared the food looks. Compliments to the chef will never treat you wrong.


When You're Never Hungry

On the other hand, pregnancy can also zap your typical appetite in an instant, making Ritz crackers the only appetizing thing on the menu. In these cases, explaining that you're saving room for dessert can distract family members from your non-existent appetite.


When You Don't Want Morning Coffee

If you've decided to cut back on caffeine for your pregnancy — either for health reasons or simply because it's one of the many things that make you vomit — just say you're trying to kick the caffeine habit. It's mostly true, and is a believable endeavor, considering the amount of coffee addicts there are.


Bring In Back Up

If your partner (or friend, or anyone who also knows about the pregnancy) is with you, enlist them for back up. Have them vouch for you by saying that they're doing a cleanse with you or that the two of you decided who can last without coffee the longest.