How To Deal With Relatives Who Shame You For Not Taking Your Kid To See Santa Claus

Waiting in line for hours, screaming children, snotty noses, all in the name of getting a photo with Santa Claus? It's understandable that you'd think twice when it comes to deciding whether or not you're willing to take your kid to sit on Santa's lap this holiday season. If you're not willing to brave the madness for a snapshot with Santa, you're going to need to know how to deal with relatives who shame you for not taking your kid to see Santa Claus.

When it comes down to it, it's really nobody's business but your own if you take your child to see Santa or not. But sometimes, it can be hard to put your foot down for your family, especially if taking you to see Santa was one of their esteemed holiday traditions. Though it might not be what your family wants to hear, you've got to stand up and stand your ground concerning Santa-gate. If you need a solid stash of answers to give your family when they pester you about why you didn't take your kid to see Santa, there are plenty. So if your family's going to shame you for not taking your kid to see Santa this season, read on and prepare yourself with plenty of answers to combat that so-called-Santa-shame.


Tell Them You Want To Save Time

The wait is how long? Chances are you're not taking an afternoon off to haul your kids to see Santa, and going on the weekend is the closest thing you'll get to insanity during this holiday season. Waiting in line with your children, whether you've got one child or five to look after, is something that's going to try your patience. Especially with a hundred other families doing the exact same thing. Wouldn't you rather do something a little more conducive with an afternoon during the holiday season?


Tell Them You Want To Save Money

Seriously, do you know how expensive it is to take your kids to see Santa these days? Heading to the mall on a Saturday afternoon not only takes a hefty chunk out of your weekend, it seems a little counterintuitive to spend that kind of money to wait in line for hours and pay that kind of money for a single snapshot. The holidays are expensive enough as it is, throwing another 50 bucks in the mix for a photograph is just unnecessary.


Tell Them You Want To Start Your Own Traditions

Though it might've been a tradition for your parents to take you to see Santa Claus every Christmas, remind your family members that since you're creating a family of your own now, it's important that you create your own traditions. Whether you're dressing your child up as Santa and snapping your own photos, or taking a family photo around the Christmas tree instead, there are plenty of ways to document your children's holidays without having to cart them to see Santa every year.


Tell Them You Want To Avoid The Meltdowns

Whether it's excitement or horror, the number of meltdowns that occur while in line to see Santa are innumerable. And although there's little to no chance of you escaping the holiday season without experiencing some kind of meltdown with your children, you can certainly avoid the dreaded mall meltdown by skipping the experience altogether. Make your holidays truly happy this year, and avoid the meltdowns at all costs.


Tell Them You Want To Save Your Sanity

Last, but certainly not least, your sanity is way more important than a photograph with Santa. Tensions run high around the holiday season in the first place, there's no reason you should put yourself at an even higher risk for a personal meltdown. You've got to keep your wits about you at Christmas, and if that means not taking your kids to see Santa, then that's something your family's just going to have to deal with.