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How To Donate To Lisa Vanderpump's #1 Cause

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump takes every opportunity she can to champion her charity of choice, which is to stop the Yulin dog meat festival in China. The festival, which takes place during the summer solstice in Yulin, lasts 10 days and can result in the deaths of up to 10 thousand dogs and cats. Eating dog meat is legal in China and some claim the dogs are killed humanely, but others have reported gross mistreatment and torture of the animals. If you're as much of an animal lover as Lisa Vanderpump, then you may be wondering how to donate to stop the Yulin dog meat festival.

If you head over to her charity's website, Stop Yulin Forever, then you can sign a petition protesting the festival, leave your own comments and thoughts, or learn about upcoming events. Then you can donate money in one of two ways. At the site's store, you can buy a shirt with the charity's slogan emblazoned on the front, and all proceeds will be donated to stopping the festival. But if you'd rather just give money, then there is a donate button at the very bottom of the site's main page.

In the past, Lisa has organized marches to publicize her cause and even spoken in front of members of Congress as she lobbied for support. Stopping the Yulin dog meat festival is something that is close to her heart, and she has used her public platform to bring attention to it whenever she is able to. And she understands that money isn't the only way to help; it's also important to give time and exposure to important causes.

"You don't have to suddenly turn yourself into Mother Theresa overnight and dedicate your life to social activism," Lisa said in an interview with Motto last year, adding:

I'm not advocating that people should be writing checks for thousands of dollars or even devoting one day a week to it. But you can do something, however small it is. Say, 'O.K., today I'm going to give ten minutes of my day.' You can sign petitions or attend a rally or even retweet something. If there is something that you're passionate about, just get involved.

If stopping the Yulin dog meat festival is something you feel strongly about, then you can give your money, your time, or even your attention — Lisa Vanderpump knows every little bit helps.