How To Download Netflix Shows Offline, Because Streaming Just Got Easier

Netflix just got more addicting! I know right, how is that even possible? Well, a new feature has been added, and fortunately for us, it's a free one, included in all plans and available for phones and tablets on Android and iOS. Now, Netflix users can download shows, a convenient service for travelers, and commuters alike. Don't worry — how to download Netflix shows offline is not complicated, but first let's talk about the benefits of downloading. Being able to binge offline is necessary on days where your internet might be running slow, like during a storm, or where Wifi is unavailable or costly, like at an airport, or on a plane. Watching shows on the go is also great because you can ride the bus or train with your show's favorite characters. Idle time commuting won't be so mind-numbingly boring anymore, so thank you Netflix.

The offline mode is also awfully useful for keeping children occupied during long drives in the car. I assure you, road trips will be less hectic when your kid is zoned into a new streaming season of Power Rangers.

So, how do you download a show? Simple. First, make sure your Netflix app is updated to the most recent version. Once you've done that, to download, just click the download button pictured below (it looks like an arrow pointing down).

Courtesy of Netflix

The Netflix's press release points out that shows everyone is addicted to — like Orange is the New Black, Narcos and The Crown — are available for download today, while other shows and films are becoming downloadable as you read this. If you have any trouble administering a download, visit Netflix's help center here.

Here are a few shows to get you started that will hands down leave you hooked.

1. Stranger Things

I can almost guarantee you will finish the entire series in one day.

2. How I Met Your Mother

If you haven't seen this show yet, you haven't lived.

3. The Walking Dead

I mean, it's only the highest-rated scripted series on cable television.

4. New Girl

The perfect show after a breakup. Jess always gets forced out of a slump by her gang of roomies that double as clowns. Then, once she surpasses that slump, hilarity ensues.

5. Master Of None

Treat yo' self to this show today.

6. Friends

This is definitely a throwback, but if you're ever feeling alone, know you've got Friends.