How To Dress Baby For A Car Seat In Winter

Getting your baby in and out of the car seat is always a task, but changes in weather can add an additional challenge. With temperatures dropping and winter winds blowing, you'll want to make sure you little one stays toasty on car rides. But certain articles of clothing could cause more harm than good. Figuring out how to dress baby for a car seat in winter won't just keep your bambino warm, but it'll be sure to keep him safe as well. Although logic may tell you to bundle your baby in a big winter coat before fastening him into his car seat, all that bulk reduces the safety of the seat.

According to the website for Consumer Reports, "a bulky coat under a child seat harness can result in the harness being too loose to be effective in a crash." Obviously you want the harness to do it's job at maximum potential to protect your baby while traveling, which is why it's important to explore other options for warmth. Don't worry, there's no need to get fancy. You can use a baby blanket to cover your child once he is securely harnessed into his car seat, like Baby Center suggested.

If you're worried your little one will kick the blanket off and become cold, there is another way to use his jacket. As Today's website recommended, you can slip the jacket on backwards once your baby is fastened, or lay it over top of him. Either of these tricks should stave of the shivers.

In addition to covering your baby up, you can also dress them a little warmer than usual to stay warm while riding in the car. Healthy Children's website suggested you start with close-fitting layers on the bottom — think tights, leggings, and long-sleeved bodysuits — and add a sweater or thermal-knit shirt. Also remember, mittens, booties, hats and thin, light jackets such as fleeces are acceptable.

Keeping your baby dressed appropriately for the winter months can go hand-in-hand with car seat safety. By avoiding the heavy coats while in the car, you give yourself the peace of mind that your baby is as secure as possible while cruising the road.