How To Dress Like Adele From 'Hello' For Your Best Halloween Ever

As someone who was recently in the presence of Adele (humble brag, I know), I've never been more ready to live my best life. And living that best life includes dressing up as Adele for Halloween, no questions asked. Perhaps the most iconic of all of Adele's looks comes from her "Hello" music video. You know the one. Wind blown hair, ginormous fluffy coat, and perfect eyeliner. If you're ready to learn how to dress like Adele from the "Hello" music video, you're in the right spot.

Though you might not be able to sing like the goddess Adele herself, there's a good chance you've got at least half of this costume hanging in your closet already. And by adding a few key pieces, you'll be set to take all of your Halloween parties by storm. (And if you can sing like the angelic Adele, feel free to add that to your costume repertoire by belting "Hello" at people all night long. Actually, that might be fun to do even if you can't sing like her.) So get ready to have difficulty handling literally everything all night, because you're about to do up your nails in that classic Adele fashion, and wow everyone with one of the easiest costumes you've ever had. For a refresher course in how to be as glamorous as Adele, take a few minutes to study her body language and expert eye contact in the music video below.

Now that you've got her facial expressions, glam stare, and ways to show off your nails down flat, let's move on to the pieces you're going to need to pull this costume off.

The Flip Phone

If you don't have an old flip phone lying around, use your real phone to give your parents (or grandparents), and see if they've got one stashed away you can borrow. Chances are high that someone's got one they're holding onto, just like Adele.


Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner, $5, Amazon

Perhaps the most iconic part of Adele's wardrobe in any moment, not just in her "Hello" music video, is her eyeliner. Don't go without it. The Maybelline black liquid eyeliner is perfect for costume and every day use. Try practicing a few times before the big night to ensure that you get it just right. Because if you're like me, liquid eyeliner is your arch nemesis and requires lots of patience, and lots of practice.


Matte Black Stiletto Fingernails, $8, Etsy

Is there anything in the "Hello" music video that screams Adele more than those epic talons making their way through the song? From every moment she touches her face, to flipping open that phone, her fingernails are not to be messed with. Get the look with a set of matte black stiletto fingernails of your own.


Oversized Retro Glasses, $14, Amazon

An oversized pair of sunglasses will not only give you that diva vibe that Adele seems to rock effortlessly throughout the music video, but it'll keep you shaded until the sun goes down. These oversized retro sunglasses are just glamorous and big enough to get the job done.

Fuzzy Coat

Fuzzy Coat, $41, Amazon

Though she does sport a plaid coat in the beginning of the music video, it's her fuzzy coat amidst the windy scenes that really evokes the feeling of the song.

Hot Rollers

Hot Rollers, $21, Amazon

To get those big, bouncy curls that Adele sports throughout most of the music video, get yourself a pair of hot rollers and go wild.

Plaid Shirt

Plaid Shirt, $17, Amazon

If you don't already have this in your closet, there's no time like the present to invest in a plaid shirt to add to your wardrobe. You'll get use out of it, even after your costume is packed away.

Printed Scarf

Floral Scarf, $11, Amazon

Drape this floral printed scarf around your neck to get the Adele's full fall look from the "Hello" music video.


If you want to go the extra mile with this costume, carry around a bag of leaves that you can throw on yourself all night long. Messy, but effective.