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How To Dress Like Daenerys For Halloween & Slay The Costume Contest

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Game of Thrones was one of the most popular TV shows in the universe, not only because of the drama, the intrigue, and the larger-than-life plot, but for the characters that fans come to know and love season after season. Of course, the incredible costumes are an important part of what makes each character unique, and if you're planning on dressing and playing the role of a GoT character this year, you're probably trying in the midst of researching how to dress like Daenerys for Halloween. Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, is one of the most loved characters of the show and, and no one's got a signature look quite like her.

Also known as Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke's character, Daenerys, is known for her platinum blond hair, gorgeous, elaborate dresses, and of course, her constant companions, the dragons. Although dressing as the mother of dragons, can be an intimidating thought, with a little bit of research and DIY magic, you can create a Daenerys costume that rivals the "real thing" and will most certainly help you slay Halloween this year.

Some of these costumes can be as simple as buying the dress and wig online and watching a make up tutorial to get Dany's classic "power brows." Other costumes will require a little bit of DIY-ing and mixing and matching to pull off. But whether you're striving to be as budget-friendly as possible or are willing to shell out some serious cash to have the best look, once you're armed with these costume ideas (and the confidence of Daenerys Targaryen), you won't regret dressing as this fan favorite for Halloween.

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Wedding Day Khaleesi

The day Daenerys becomes a Dothraki is one of the most memorable. Her dress is no less stunning as her wedding is violent. If you're willing to drop a few dollars on a Cosplay costume, you'll be able to find an almost exact replica of the Daenerys Targaryen Grey Dress at Fast Cosplay, a little gray chiffon number with a dragon detail at the bust and arm bands. This dress is available in sizes XS through 3XL, and custom sizes are also available. From there, you'll just need a long blonde wig and simple, natural makeup.

If you're hoping to go with a slightly more affordable option, you can whip up a DIY version of her wedding day attire using this video tutorial from The Sorry Girls that calls for neutral, opaque fabric and a few accessories. You'll need some basic craft skills to pull it off though.


Dothraki Daenerys

Once she becomes one of the Dothraki, her look becomes a bit edgier to go with her new life. Her Dothraki costume, complete with a halter top, pants, skirt, sash, and gloves, is a little bit easier to pull off than her wedding dress, and is still one of her signature looks. Available in sizes S through XL.


Quarth Daenerys

Not surprisingly, you can buy a beautiful, exact replica of her Quarth dress from Buy Cosplay. It’s available in sizes S through XL.

A DIY version of the dress is also totally possible. This video tutorial uses blue plastic tablecloths ($6, Amazon), hot glue sticks and gold spray paint ($3, Amazon) to create the dress.


Mother Of Dragons

One of Daenerys’ fiercest looks is her blue "Mother of Dragons" dress. You can buy a copy of her dress (available in sizes XS to XXL) and a wavy blonde wig. Don't forget to wear a dragon on your shoulder to complete the look.


Dany And Jon Snow

If you and your SO want to be the power couple of the Halloween party, dressing as Daenerys and Jon Snow will certainly do the trick. For Daenerys, you'll need the Dragon Warrior costume from Halloween Costumes, available in sizes XS to XL as well as plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X. For Jon, you'll need the Dark Northern King costume (also available in plus sizes) and of course the excellent Dark Northern King wig.

Even if you don't have a Jon Snow to party with, you can still dress up as Daenerys in this powerful black costume and slay whatever party you attend (or whatever block you trick-or-treat).


Winter Dragon Queen

For a later-season vibe, channel Dany's amazing wintertime look. The Winter Dragon Queen costume shows the character at her full power with plenty of faux fur, and it’s also available in plus size options through 4X. Throw on a blonde Dragon Queen wig and you’re all set to slay the day.


The Mad Queen

Alas, our queen didn't fare quite as well as fans hoped she would in the series finale (spoiler alert: she ended up betrayed in the worst possible way, reported Bustle). That said, her take-no-prisoners, let the world burn look was flawless — and you can buy a reasonable facsimile of her last outfit for a little over $100 (available in sizes XS through XXXS).