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How To Dress Like Laurie Hernandez, No Matter Your Age

The Rio Olympics brought smiles to everyone's faces, especially when the USA Gymnastics team took home the gold. And one person who was smiling throughout the entire two-week competition was young gymnast, Laurie Hernandez. Winning gold in the team event and silver on the balance beam, the 16-year-old quickly became one of the most lovable personalities and from the games and a perfect inspiration for Halloween costumes this year. Dressing like Laurie Hernandez for Halloween is easier than you could imagine, and it can be pretty cost-efficient, too.

If Laurie Hernandez's wins at the games don't convince you that she's a great candidate for you or your kids to dress up as this Halloween, knowing that she nabbed a spot on Dancing With the Stars right after her time in Rio could help. And, don't think her big smile went unnoticed either. According to Business Insider, the gymnast — and now dancer — secured a Crest endorsement, too. If that's still not enough to convince you, the fact that she's a young kid doing big things is inspiration to girls of any age.

So, if you're still in need of a Halloween costume this year for you or your little ones, these three ideas could get you started.


For A Toddler

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Have your toddler doing flips for this Laurie Hernandez-inspired DIY costume this year. Find a red and blue tracksuit ($39), a USA Olympic patch ($9), red velvet scrunchie ($11) for her hair and an Olympic gold medal ($1). And, make sure she's sporting a big smile.


For A Kid

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Turn your mid-size gymnast-to-be into Laurie Hernandez with this super simple DIY costume. Find a red leotard ($26), a red velvet scrunchie ($11) some silver rhinestones ($4) and regular silver fabric paint ($6) for the design. Don't forget to give her a gold medal ($1), and sew on some USA patch letters ($1.50 each).


For An Adult

Transforming into this Olympic gymnast's closing ceremony look can be done in a synch, even though you need a few things to make it happen. You'll need a pair of white shorts ($30), a white oxford shirt ($17), some red, white, and blue boat shoes ($100), red, white, and blue belt ($6) and a striped top to wear underneath ($5). Remember to have your USA Olympic patch ($9) for the front of your shirt and your large USA letters ($1 each) for the back.