How To Dress Like The Unicorn Frappuccino For The Most 2017 Halloween Costume Ever

For one magical week in April 2017, Starbucks offered a limited-time, colorful drink called the Unicorn Frappuccino. Capturing the imagination of Instagrammers everywhere, the Unicorn Frappuccino was a blue and pink concoction that took the familiar frap into magical territory. Why not bring back this sweet treat for October? Learning how to dress like the Unicorn Frappuccino will make you the most hyped person at your Halloween party.

As far as Starbucks is concerned, the Unicorn Frappuccino was a big moment in its history. Selling out quickly at many locations, the Unicorn Frappuccino drove big sales to Starbucks, according to CNBC. It caused a big stir on social media, and even months later there are new tweets about the #unicornfrappuccino all the time. This drink made an impact, to say the least, so it's an excellent and timely costume choice.

And if you're wondering how well a frozen drink translates into costume form, the effects may be better than you think. There are some excellent Starbucks Halloween costumes out there, as noted by Bustle. If you can print out the Sbucks logo and craft some whipped cream out of feather boas, you're well on your way to costume greatness.

To make this costume even more fun, though, fully embrace the unicorn half of the equation. Bright colors, glitter, and a little bit of magic will take this costume to the next level. Be sure to put your own spin on the look. I mean, if you ever have the impulse to roll around in body glitter before going to a party, this is the perfect excuse.

The Base

Dress, $17-$28, Amazon

Any bright pink, purple, or fuchsia outfit will work for the costume's base. This bright pink dress is a perfect start.

The Sour Blue Drizzle

Bright Blue Scarf, $22, Etsy

The wavy line of blue really sets off this drink. You can approximate it with a bright blue scarf tied loosely around your waist.

The Colorful Whipped Cream

Soft Pink Boa, $21, Dream Girls

The cream is key, so layer a soft pink boa around your neck for the fluffy factor. White or lavender boas would also do the trick.

The Starbucks Logo

Starbucks Logo Gold Cup, $13, Starbucks Store

Either print out the Starbucks logo and tape it to the front of your costume, or include something else that features the iconic mermaid. The Starbucks logo cold cup would work perfectly.

Unicorn Elements

Unicorn Wig, $13, Target | Unicorn Mask, $18, Amazon

This aspect of the costume can be as subtle or bold as you want. The unicorn women's costume wig is a sweet option. Or, if you want to freak out all of your friends, go for the magical unicorn mask, which is made of nightmares.

The Complete Unicorn Frappuccino Costume

Put it all together and you have the top trending Halloween costume for 2017. It's perfect. This limited edition look will earn you some new fans, although it might strike fear into the heart of any nearby baristas.