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How To Dress Your Baby As A Burrito And Score Some Cheap Chipotle On Halloween

If you're unsure of what you want to dress your baby as for Halloween, look no further. There's a double whammy you can take advantage of this year, by dressing up your little one and getting some delicious food in return. That's right, if you can figure out how to dress your baby as a burrito this Halloween, you can score some crazy low-priced Chipotle.

According to Slate, way back when, you used to be able to dress up as a burrito and score some free Chipotle, as part of their boorito celebration. In recent years past, the company has changed up their thinking, asking customers to come costumed in exchange for a cheaper burrito. This past year, Chipotle has asked customers to add something a little unusual to their costumes in order to partake in their $3 boorito. I'm pretty sure bringing a baby dressed up as a burrito to the front of the line will count as something a little unusual. With all the options for dressing your baby as a burrito below, you'll be sure to wow the Chipotle crew with your ingenuity, your expert parenting, and your love for their brand. So read on for five ways to dress your baby as a burrito this Halloween, so you can grab your $3 boo-rito and celebrate three of your favorite things: your baby, your boo-rito, and Chipotle.


Baby Burrito Blanket

Baby Burrito Blanket, $65, Etsy

Ready to dress your baby as a burrito in one fell swoop? This baby burrito blanket will make your baby look tasty and delicious, so that you can get your Chipotle on, and love on more than one burrito this Halloween.


DIY Baby In A Tortilla

Tortilla Baby Blanket, $45, Amazon

If you'd rather put your baby's costume together yourself, help yourself to a little bit of search time on the internet for all of your favorite ingredients. Get started with this tortilla baby blanket, and then add your seasoning.

But they'll need to wear something underneath the blanket, so whether you prefer your burritos filled with rice, beans, or carnitas, this brown baby onesie will keep your baby warm, and looking like your favorite burrito filling all night long.

Brown Baby Onesie, $18, Amazon

And of course, who could enjoy a burrito without a little guacamole? For the piece de resistance, top off your baby with an adorable green baby hat to keep your babe looking fresh and delicious all day long.

Green Baby Hat, $6, Amazon

Three easy pieces to make your baby into the sweetest little burrito you've ever seen.


DIY Burrito With Extra Shredded Lettuce

With the help of some lime green tissue paper, you'll be cooking up the cutest burrito in town.

Green Tissue Paper, $7, Amazon

Cut up a few strips of paper and tuck them inside this brown baby blanket to show off your burrito baby with extra shredded lettuce.

Brown Blanket, $15, Amazon | Fabric Paint, $9, Amazon

To go the extra mile, dress your baby in a tan onesie, apply a few grill marks with a black fabric pen, and tote your grilled chicken burrito around town.


The Sushirrito

Baby Sushi Burrito, $65, Etsy

Though Chipotle probably won't be getting on board with the sushirrito craze anytime soon, they might be convinced after you bring your baby sushi burrito in to say hello.


DIY Chipotle Special

To go the extra mile for that Chipotle aesthetic, use a mylar thermal blanket, to swaddle your baby up before you hit the burrito line. It's much less likely to scratch you than your pal aluminum foil.

Mylar Thermal Blanket, $8, Amazon

Go the extra mile and don a red baby cap to represent your love of salsa. (And to keep your baby cozy.)

Red Baby Cap, $4, Amazon

Two piece costume? You're now a master of creating baby burritos in a jiffy. I think that warrants a burrito break.