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How To Dress Your Newborn In Winter To Take Home From The Hospital

by Meg Kehoe

As you get closer to your due date, you'll start receiving items from people that you'll need to sift through in order to figure out exactly what you'll need for which seasons. You'll also need to pack your bag for the hospital, including all of your newborns things. Although your belongings might be easy to pack for your post-delivery trip home, it might take a little more thought to pack your newborn's things if you're bringing a baby home in the winter. Figuring out how to dress your newborn in the winter to come home from the hospital is

You'll likely be using a car to get home from the hospital, which means you need to take into account your newborn's carseat. Although snowsuits, coats, bunting bags, and other warm and fluffy outerwear may seem like the best choice, all of those winter wear items are considered dangerous when you're taking your baby on a ride in their carseat. This is because they create too much space between your baby and the straps of the seatbelt, according to Today, and increase the risk of compression should a car accident occur on your way home.

So what's the best way to dress your newborn in the winter on the way home from the hospital? Carole Kramer-Arsenault, registered nurse and author of The Baby Nurse Bible, suggested that dressing your baby in thin layers and tucking a blanket around them after they're buckled in is the best way to dress your baby for the car ride home. Kramer-Arsenault told Parents that on very cold days, trying a long-sleeved one-piece under a one-piece fleece outfit for extra warmth is a good idea. It keeps the bulk of the outfit down, but still provides warmth.Another option you can explore if you live in a particularly cold climate, Mom 365 reported that you may want to consider a car seat liner to keep your baby warm during your commute.

If you're going to use a blanket (in the car or otherwise), the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that the blanket be thin, and reach only as far as the baby's chest, in order to act as a safe way to keep your newborn warm without interfering with their breathing. So rather than invest in a heavy duty snowsuit to bring your newborn home in, though it may be cute, at the end of the day it's not quite practical. Focus on dressing your newborn in thin layers, and using blankets while transporting your little one to and from the car in order to keep them warm, and safe.