Courtesy of Samantha Darby

Here's Where You Can Find A Car Seat Technician

As a parent, making your child's safety a priority is easy, but implementing it can get a little hard. With the endless options of car seats and different makes and models of vehicles available, correctly installing your child's safety seat can become a complicated feat. But luckily enough, there are car seat safety stations all over the country that will help you install your car seat correctly, so you should know how to find a car seat technician near you.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, car seat technicians, certified by The National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program (CPS), are trained to provide car seat safety checks along with helping parents understand how to properly and safely use their car seats and safety belts.

There are a few different ways to find a CPS-certified technician near you. The easiest way you can find a car seat fitting station in your area is by visiting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. The NHTSA mentioned that the certified technicians will often inspect your car seat, show you how to use, and how to install it — free of charge.

You can also go to one of 8,000 Safe Kids Coalition sponsored safety events across the country, where you can learn the correct way to use and install your car seat from a trained expert. You can even search for a technician through The National CPS Certification Program's database or you could use the list of technicians assembled by Car Seats for The Littles.

When you see your car seat technician, you can expect to spend at least half an hour with them while they inform you about your seat and it's proper installation, explained Car Seat for the Littles. Sometimes, they'll even discuss general car safety with you.

Today's parents are lucky enough to live in an age where there are affordable and available support and safety education options. Getting help from a certified car seat technician or car seat safety event is a benefit worth finding. Even if you think your car seat is installed properly, getting a second opinion won't hurt.