How To Find An Easter Egg Hunt Near You

If you have kids of (almost) any age, chances are you'll be scoping out your city or hometown for local Easter egg hunts to attend. Whether you live in a large city, a more rural area, or are traveling away from home for the holiday, there is bound to be more than one option when it comes to Easter egg hunts to attend. And that can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, if you're wondering how to find an Easter egg hunt near you, you likely won't have to do much digging around. Easter only happens once a year, after all, and annual hunts are usually a pretty big deal.

Aside from driving around on Easter Sunday looking for the Easter Bunny to mark the spot of the local holiday hunt, there are several options for finding the hunt nearest you. Now, if you live in a smaller city, there may only be one option. But for those in larger, heavily populated areas, there are bound to be enough Easter egg hunts to fill your children's needs. So instead of spending your Sunday frantically searching for places to take your candy-deprived children, try these easy steps as you begin your own hunt for Easter Sunday shenanigans.


Check Your City's Event Calendar

A simple scan of your city's website should yield a calendar of events for each month. Simply search for the calendar and look up events for Easter Sunday. If you live in a larger city, you may need to search by neighborhood or suburb, but each registered Easter egg hunt should be easy to find.


Join Local Facebook Groups

Does your area have any Facebook groups or social media accounts you can join? Ask local moms in the group if they know of an egg hunt near you if one doesn't show up right away.


Read The Daily News Paper

As always, your local paper is a tried and true method for staying on top of current events in your city. Pick up a copy from a vendor and read the events section a week or so before Easter Sunday and you'll find at least a few options to try.


Watch The Local News

Finally, your local news should cover special events like Easter Egg hunts and where to attend them. If you don't have time to tune in during a broadcast, you can always check their website for recaps or event calendars.