Parents, Here's How To Get Amazon FreeTime Unlimited For Kids For Only $2.99

Considering the often short attention span of little ones, many parents struggle to find something for the holidays that kids won't get bored of in a matter of minutes. How about a gift that offers endless options for variety? Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is now available for a super low price and, when partnered with a tablet, does just that. With endless options for entertainment, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is an online subscription for tablets, ideal for children between 3 and 12 years old. Subscribers have access to 13,000 TV shows, games, educational apps, movies, and much more over Amazon Fire Tablets, Fire TVs, Kindle eReaders, and Android devices that are registered to the same account as the subscription, according to People. The Unlimited subscription allows users to access more popular titles from big names like Nickelodeon, Disney, and PBS Kids.

While the FreeTime app is free to download, access to content comes at a cost. But just in time for the holidays, Amazon is offering free trials of Freetime Unlimited, as well as three month access at 90 percent off. Yes, you read that right, only 10 percent of the going rate. Rather than shell out the standard $29.99 for three months of unlimited content, it is now available for just $2.99.

To cash in on this discount, simply add the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited access to your cart and check out. However, if you purchased the most recent version of the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet (4th Generation), you automatically receive a free year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, so paying for the three month subscription is unnecessary.

FreeTime Unlimited is an excellent gift choice for parents with young children because of the amount of control that it allows them. While Amazon approves all of the books, videos, websites, groups, and YouTube videos that are available on the app, parents can further fine-tune what their kids see based on age, content, and maturity, according to The Verge. Features such as individual profiles and "Smart Filters" empower parents to keep their children from viewing anything inappropriate.

Parents are also able to set time limits for screen time, as well as a designated sleep and wake times for the app in particular. There are a number of risks associated with too much screen time for children, such as shorter attention spans, hyperactivity, ADHD, and aggressive behavior, according to Baby Center. By allowing parents to set time limits without timing each play session, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is an easy option for responsible tech use.

Perhaps most appealing, parents can also ensure that the entertainment content doesn't keep children from reading by setting educational goals that must be met before kids can play and watch videos. Providing children with access to a variety of reading materials is a great way to set your child up for a life of reading success, and you can't beat unlimited books for less than $3.

Along with offering 13,000 content choices, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited also refreshes content regularly. There is no way that kids can burn out on all of that content in time. Additionally, as a paid subscription, it does not display any ads or options for in-app purchases, or links to social media and websites that little kid fingers could wander to.

While a brand new tablet isn't in the budget for every family, those who already have a compatible device shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to get thousands of TV shows, movies, games, and books at a steal. Holiday shopping can be hard, but deals like this make it all a little but easier.

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