How To Snag Custom Baby Shark Shoes For Your Toddler

In yet another reminder that this viral song is going absolutely nowhere, these custom-made Baby Shark kicks for toddlers just hit the market. And if you want to snag your own pair of Baby Shark shoes, you should probably act fast because these bad boys are all the rage at the moment.

As I mentioned, pint-sized fans of Pinkfong's ever-popular kids song can now get a custom-made pair of Vans with colorful, hand painted Baby Shark decorations via 818 Vinyl Creations' Etsy shop. To place your order, visit 818 Vinyl Creations' Etsy Shop page, pick a shoe size, and add the item to your shopping cart. At check out, you can specify any customization you might want, and if the site is out of a specific pair that you have your eyes on, just message the company and they'll get back to you (typically in one day, according to comments).

To send a message, go to the company's homepage where you'll find two buttons on the left side of your browser — one that says "custom order," and another that says "message owner." Easy peasy.

The coveted shoes come in three different styles including underwater, chevron, and another that is mostly white, according to Footwear News. Each pair ranges between $65 and $85 depending on sizing. The smallest size available is a U.S. 2 for infants, while the largest size is a U.S. 3 for kids, according to the 818 Vinyl Creations' website.

The best part? You can choose whatever style of Vans you'd like including slip-ons, lace, or high top. They can also be customized with your child's name, which can come in pretty handy when your child goes to daycare, to name one example. Finished products ship in one to two weeks. And judging by 818 Vinyl Creations' page, these shoes are pretty popular. As of Monday, dozens of customers had the shoes in their cart, ready to check out.

Although 818 Vinyl Creation's hasn't officially collaborated with Vans, it's still hitting the mark with diehard "Baby Shark" enthusiasts. But that's not to say that Vans hasn't jumped on the shark wagon, too. Back in July, for instance, the company partnered with The Discovery Channel and created some wave-making "Shark Week" editions, according to HyperBeast.

Swinging back to Baby Shark, don't stress if the shoes are out of stock. As you wait for the company to re-stock, you can check out the other oh-so-cute offerings from the company. "Seasame Street," "Trolls," "SpongeBob," and "Bubble Guppies," round out its eclectic custom-made shoe collections.

And there's a little something for the adults too. Check out the Central Perk slip-ons or the "Friday the 13th" themed Jason shoes that are just perfect for Halloween. Sports fans can opt for personalized versions of their favorite Vans styles as well.

It's almost impossible to hear "Baby Shark" and not get it stuck in your head for hours... or even days. Just looking at these shoes might get this do-do-do-do tune going on a permanent loop in your mind, but hey, the kids are gonna look super cute.