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Beyonce Released A 'Mi Gente' Remix For Hurricane Relief, & It Is Magical

Beyoncé might have her hands full with 3-month-old twins at home, but it hasn't stopped her from releasing new music for a really important cause. On Thursday, Queen Bey released a remix of "Mi Gente" by J Balvin and Willy William's, and in an Instagram post, she explained that she would be donating all the proceeds to charities helping hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean, according to E! News. Wondering how to get Beyoncé's "Mi Gente" remix for hurricane relief? Buying her first post-twins single is one of many ways to help out.

Beyoncé teased the track in a video clip on Instagram Thursday, and a separate (Beyoncé-less) full-length video was also released on YouTube, where it racked up more than 100,000 views in the first half-hour, according to USA Today. But since the proceeds from the song support such an important cause, it's also worth actually buying it. "Mi Gente" is available to download on all the usual channels — iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music — and it's also streaming on TIDAL and Spotify. But since buying the song is only one of many ways to contribute to the hurricane relief effort, Beyoncé's website also published a list of organizations helping those affected by the hurricanes for fans looking for additional ways to donate.

Beyoncé's take on the hit song involves her singing along with the Spanish verses, but also adding in some lines of her own in English — including a sly nod to her twins, and husband JAY-Z's album 4:44:

I been giving birth on these haters 'cause I'm fertile/See these double Cs on this bag, murda/Want my double Ds in his bed, Serta/If you really love me make an album about me, word up.

She also gave a shout out to those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, as well as the recent earthquakes in Mexico:

Soon as I walk in/Boy start they talkin'/Right as that booty sway (slay)/Lift up your people/From Texas, Puerto Rico/Dem islands to Mexico.

And it looks like even Beyoncé's first-born, 5-year-old Blue Ivy, maybe have helped out on the track. Around the three-minute mark, Beyoncé sings, "Azul are you with me?" to which a young voice responds, "Oh yes I am."

Unsurprisingly, fans have been loving the song, and have been sharing their excitement on Twitter:

And many have also praised the singer for using her influence to help out the hurricane relief effort — particularly in Puerto Rico, which hasn't received nearly the outpouring that other areas of the United States received, despite the intense devastation:

Beyoncé's "Mi Gente" remix was pretty much a total genius move: what better way to help those in need right now than by adding her voice to a hit single and donate the proceeds? And given that Puerto Rico in particular is in major need of as much assistance as possible, it's a really big deal. The island is still without power, and food, medicine, drinking water and gasoline are in short supply, according to The Guardian. And although the current death toll sits at around 16, it's estimated to actually be much higher.

With the release of the single, Beyoncé becomes the latest in a string of celebs who are speaking out and helping the Puerto Rican relief effort. In an Instagram post last week, Jennifer Lopez urged fans to donate whatever they could to help out, according to People, and on Wednesday, she and ex-husband Marc Anthony announced the creation of Somos Una Voz, a campaign designed to raise money for Puerto Rico relief, according to CNN. Puerto Rico-born Ricky Martin also launched a YouCaring campaign for the island, and so far he has helped raise more than $1 million.

The crisis in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean is beyond heartbreaking, but there is still a lot that the average American can do to help out. So while it is definitely exciting to hear Beyoncé's voice again, it's important to remember that she has come back for a very important reason. And although buying the song will help, it should really be only one of the many steps we can all take to support those in need.

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