How To Get Death Wish Coffee After Seeing The Company's Amazing Super Bowl Ad, Because Mondays Exist

Death Wish Coffee recently scored a 30-second Super Bowl ad thanks to a contest by Intuit, so when the Super Bowl hits, sports fans around the world will suddenly be aware of the small business that claims to produce "the world's strongest coffee." Since Mondays exist and not enough hours typically find their way into my day, strong coffee is something I can seriously get behind. To get ahead of the hype, here's how to get Death Wish Coffee before the eleven-person company is completely overwhelmed with orders from other people.

But wait... where do you get it? Good question. Although the founder of Death Wish Coffee, Mike Brown, runs a coffee shop in upstate New York, there's no physical store where you can buy some hyper-caffeinated Death Wish coffee beans. Instead, the company sells exclusively online, through its website and over on Amazon. And, good news: Death Wish can be shipped anywhere in the world except for Brazil (sorry, Brazil — but with Carnaval coming up soon, so I suppose you guys have enough energy of your own). American customers can expect to receive their orders about five days after they've been shipped, while international customers may have to wait up til 20 days.

Shipping is free for any orders over $50, if you're keen on diving straight into the deep end of a caffeine-fueled life. If you'd rather ease into the jitters with less than that, however, Death Wish charges a flat rate of $6 to ship anywhere in the US. International orders vary on a case-by-case basis, but if you join Death Wish Coffee's mailing list, you can watch for free shipping and other promotional offers. (Not that they will likely need any after the Super Bowl.)

If you decide to get your hands on some Death Wish Coffee, you're joining an established group of fans, which includes truckers, heavy-metal bands, and a few grandmothers, apparently. "My mom’s friends from high school, like 75, 80-year-olds, call me up, saying, 'This is my favorite coffee,'" Brown told The New York Times recently.

With a $5 million Super Bowl ad airing, Brown will likely have calls from a few more people other than his mother's friends. Death Wish Coffee sold approximately 200,000 pounds of coffee last year, but the Albany Business Review says they're expecting to sell more than that due to the Super Bowl ad alone this year. As far as high-profile ads go, Death Wish couldn't have asked for better, and they're making sure not to stress too much about being able to handle the bump in sales. "We're taking it as an exciting challenge and not freaking out too much. We want to make sure we're enjoying the ride," Kane Grogan, in charge of marketing, told ABR.

Hopefully they've got enough Death Wish Coffee available to fuel themselves up for what's inevitably going to be a busy year.