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How To Get Free Coffee On National Coffee Day, Or At Least Not Pay Full Price

I have a confession to make — I don't drink coffee. Despite the fact that I'm a stereotypical millennial who is always on the go, a stomach condition keeps me from enjoying any and all variations of this brew. But just because a macchiato has never touched my lips doesn't mean I can't scope out a good coffee deal and tell true connoisseurs how to get a free coffee on National Coffee Day (which happens to be today, September 29. )

You don't have to start every day with a venti Starbucks brew to know the value of scoring some free java. And saving even a little bit on your morning joe is especially valuable lately. A July 2016 article in Fortune reported that the high demand for coffee has lead to higher coffee prices in the United States, with some brews's prices increasing by 20 percent.

But let's be honest — a higher price isn't going to keep a true coffee lover from their favorite beverage. Whether you prefer your coffee with a little pumpkin spice or with a simple splash of milk, you're going to get your cup no matter what. At the same time, however, it's nice to save a little money when you can.

So if you plan on celebrating National Coffee Day like a true brew boss, here are a few ways to get a free cup of coffee (or, at least, a discounted cup) on September 29.

How To Get Free Coffee

Looking to score some coffee without paying a cent? These places are giving away free cups of coffee (ad a little more) on September 29.

  • Cumberland Farms - Text "FREECOFFEE" to 64827, and you'll get a coupon for free Famrhouse Blend and Bold Blen coffee.
  • Krispy Kreme - Get a free 12 oz. cup of coffee and free glazed doughnut.
  • Peet's Coffee and Tea - Get a free medium drip coffee with any fresh food item purchase.
  • Pilot Flying J - Get a free small cup of Pilot coffee, tea or cappuccino using an online coupon.
  • Wawa - Grab a free cup of any size of flavor at the popular chain.

How To Get Discounted Coffee

A cheaper cup of coffee is still a good deal, right? Here are places giving away discounted coffee in honor of National Coffee Day.

  • Dunkin' Donuts - Pay $0.66 as opposed to $1.99 for a cup of coffee.
  • Keuring - Grab your K-Cups online and use the code "GREENSAVINGS" during checkout to get 20 percent off Green Mountain brand pods and 15 percent off other drinks.
  • Starbucks - Get 20 percent off all coffee purchased online.

How To Get Coffee That Gives Back

If you already scored a free cup of coffee and need an afternoon boost, consider a coffee deal that gives back.

  • Caribou Coffee - For every cup of Amy's Blend coffee bought today, the company will give a cup to nurses and family members in Cancer Centers across America.
  • Dutch Bros Coffee - For every drink sold, the company will donate $1 to a local children's charity.
  • Starbucks - For every Chiapas coffee bought today, the company will provide a coffee tree to a farmer fighting coffee rust.