Gap Is Selling Baby Clothes Subscription Boxes & Here's How To Get It

As just about every parent knows, buying clothes for your baby is a serious struggle. Finding good quality pieces that are reasonably priced and cute? Seems like a near-impossible task at times. And with all the hustle and bustle of being a mom, taking the time out of your day to go shopping isn't exactly something that happens all too often. Seriously, wouldn't it be nice if you had baby clothes just magically appear when you needed them? Well, one retailer is looking to make that happen. Sort of. Yeah, you're definitely going to want to know how to get Gap's baby clothes subscription box, because it seems really cool.

As Internet Retailer reported last week, "Since May, Gap Inc. has quietly been testing a quarterly subscription outfit box for babies called babyGap Outfit Box," which is basically exactly what it sounds like. So, can parents get their hands on one of the boxes? Well, according to Gap's website, it's fairly easy to sign up, although they do warn that only a limited amount of products are available. What's more? The subscription service is somewhat customizable, and customers can choose what type of items they wish to receive by taking a short quiz before signing up.

The subscription box services will cost $70 per box, according to CNBC, and is described by Gap as "a limited edition box with 6 mix and match pieces delivered every 3 months." So, signing up for the box probably won't do away with all the shopping trips parents have to take, but it will certainly be a welcome surprise when it's delivered every quarter. And as the contents of each box are said to be valued at over $100, the box sounds like a deal.

And parents won't have to worry about the subscription box not fitting their family's unique needs. When you first sign up for the service, you take a short quiz, as stated above, to evaluate what kinds of items your baby is in the most need of.

Questions include specifications on your baby's name, birthday, size — with options ranging from 0 to 2T — and gender, with a "surprise" option in case expectant parents don't want to know the sex of their baby until they're born. If parents opt to enter their baby's sex, they'll then be given the style options of "classic," "fun," "newborn essentials," or "surprise me!"

Then, all you have to do is simply enter your billing information, and you're good to go! As Internet Retailer reported:

Gap charges the customer when the order ships, however, a shopper has 21 days to decide if she wants to keep the items. Shipping and returns are free, and the box arrives every three months. A shopper can change the box’s theme for each quarter, and the baby’s size automatically updates with each box.

Of course, clothing subscription boxes are nothing new, as services such as Stitch Fix and Trunk Club are both pretty popular. But, Gap's baby box is the first of it's kind to be targeted to children under the age of 2, and its success seems pretty imminent. And with fast shipping — Gap notes that the first order within the United States should arrive in approximately 5-7 business days from the date you join — free returns, zero styling fees, and specially curated items, the Gap baby box is sure to be a hit. What's more, members can postpone, skip, or reschedule deliveries online any time, so if something happens, customers aren't tied down.

As stressful as it is to be a parent, having at least some of your baby's needs taken care of could be a welcome relief for many.

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