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Snag Sale Prices On Lauren Conrad's Maternity Line

Lauren Conrad has been a style inspiration for over 10 years — from her time as a Teen Vogue intern on The Hills, to present day, as she serves as a popular fashion designer whose clothes are worn by women everywhere. And now that Conrad is pregnant, she continues to act as a fashion icon and total style maven, recently introducing a maternity line alongside her regular Kohl's women's line (and her beautiful, flowy resort line). Already, expectant mothers are ready to recreate the highly sought-after looks — so how can you get Lauren Conrad's maternity line on sale? Because we're not all made out of money, let's be honest.

Conrad's line, Maternity LC Lauren Conrad, is currently available to purchase online at Kohl's website. Unlike other, pricier designer maternity lines and pregnancy fashion, Maternity LC Lauren Conrad is actually reasonable: Items range from $28 to $47, which for many won't put much of a dent in your wallet — but if you're trying to grab a few of the super stylish pieces on a budget things might be a little tougher.

The great thing about Lauren Conrad's maternity line being sold at Kohl's is that Kohl's always has some kind of sale or deal going on. In fact, the Maternity LC Lauren Conrad items are on sale online right now. (Seriously, you don't want to miss out.)

If you miss the mega-sale going on at Kohl's right now, don't fear. There are plenty of ways to save on Maternity LC Lauren Conrad through Kohl's website that will save shoppers a little bit of money. Kohl's currently has a 20 percent-off coupon which can be used in stores or online with the promo code "BUYQUICK" (and that's 20 percent off of your entire purchase) running through June 11. Maternity LC Lauren Conrad is not excluded from this deal either, thank goodness.

If you're a frequent shopper of Kohl's then you probably have your discounts on lockdown: If you have Kohl's Cash (money accumulated on previous purchases to be used on future purchases), you can apply it to your Maternity LC Lauren Conrad purchase up until June 18 to get a little bit off of your total. Boom. More instant savings.

If you have to hold off on your big Maternity LC Lauren Conrad purchase for some reason, don't worry. The beauty about Kohl's is that it's always sending customers coupons directly to their inboxes for discounts; In fact, if you sign up for email coupons today, you'll receive 15 percent off of your next purchase, and the ability to save more money on future Maternity LC Lauren Conrad purchases.

Thank god for Lauren Conrad, and bless Kohl's for making saving a couple bucks on an adorable maternity look that much easier.