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11 Quick N' Easy Ways To Get More Instagram Followers That Are Real People

Running a social media account can sometimes feel overwhelming. How do you get more followers when everyone else is trying to do the same thing? There's a lot of competition for attention. Fortunately, learning how to get more followers on Instagram is pretty easy. A few little tweaks to your profile and posts can make a huge difference, and you'll attract tons of new followers in no time.

When you're trying to get more followers for your personal Insta, it's important to consider your audience. Basically, post the same type of content you would like to enjoy, and you're already doing fantastic work. The followers are sure to follow soon.

Also, it's important to remember that loads and loads of people are on Instagram. In fact, there are 1 billion monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018, as outlined in Statista. Worldwide, it's one of the most popular social networks of all. Basically, there are a mind-boggling number of users on the platform, so you should be able to find interested followers in no time. On some level, it's just a numbers game, but there's a few tricks you can use to attract people with awesome content. So read on and learn the ways to get more Insta followers easily.


Find A Niche

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Don't just copy anyone else. Find what makes your Insta unique and focus on that niche, as recommended in Foundr. Stand out from the crowd.


Use Quality Pics

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Insta is a pretty visual medium, and the site is filled with gorgeous images. Make sure yours are on the same level. Posting quality images on Instagram is crucial for attracting followers, as explained on Oh, She Blogs! Learn more about photography or rely on high quality stock images.


Post Consistent Content

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Post on a schedule. Consistently posting content is one way to lure in more followers, as explained on Sprout Social. Whether you post at the same time every day or week, it's important to keep the posts coming.


Like & Comment

Sometimes you give love to get love. Liking and following those in your Insta niche is one way to attract followers, according to Bookly.


Use Follow Tags

There's no shame in the followback. Those #followme and #likeforlike tags are super popular for a reason, and people who use them are likely to follow you back, as explained in Forbes. Got for it.


Caption Questions

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Are all your Instagram captions declarative statements? Asking questions in your Insta captions is a great way to boost engagement, as explained in Forbes. And that engagement might earn you a few new followers.


Post Faces

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This is one of those simple tips that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Using a lot of faces in your posts can help engage the audience more, as noted on INC. It's more personal, emotional, and engaging.


Engage Your Audience

Social media is all about the interaction. Encouraging your followers to engage with your posts can help boost your visibility, as noted in Add This. Creating a specific hashtag or hosting a giveaway are good starts.


Fill Out Your Insta Bio

Sometimes it's all about the details. Simply filling out your Insta bio can help potential followers relate to your common interests, as explained in The Sun. It'll take two minutes and you can add a little more personality to your whole profile.


Cross Promote

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Chances are, Instagram isn't your only social channel. So cross-promoting your Insta to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other service is wise, as noted in Soldsie. It's an easy way to probably pick up a few more followers.


Use All The Hashtags

Load up on those hashtags before you post. Using at least 11 popular Instagram hashtags, with a goal of 30, is one way to boost your number of followers, as noted in Forbes. When it comes to Insta followers, sometimes getting a little extra is what it's all about.