Getting On 'House Hunters' Is Easier Than You Might Think

House Hunters has become one of the greatest reality shows ever and honestly, it's hard to say why. The show follows a buyer, typically a couple, looking for a new home. They work with a real estate agent and go around looking at houses before coming to a decision at the end of the episode. Usually there's a disagreement about what the buyers want and some questions about granite, but in the end there's a nice montage of the buyer(s) enjoying their new home. It's no surprise then that many people wonder how to get on House Hunters so they can find their perfect home and have their five minutes of fame.

Surprisingly, applying to be on the show isn't all that difficult. The show is currently looking for individuals, couples, and families to be on the show and are casting all across America, according to HGTV's website. You can also apply to either be a buyer or a real estate agent on the show. If you're applying as a buyer, the application process is fairly simple. Just enter your personal information, where you're moving to, your real estate agent's information, and some details about your current home as well as who lives there. Additionally, you'll have to explain why you want to move and what you're looking for in your new home as well as an image of yourself/your family.

If you're applying as a real estate agent, however, the application is a little different. You must already have a client and be able to explain their situation as well as the market area. You'll also have to include a picture of yourself. The application also asks for your professional website (if you have one) and to disclose if you've been on any shows before.

And that's about it. The application probably won't take too long and if you're comfortable with being on TV, why not give it a try? The experience is probably fun and it'd make for a good story to tell people. You could even become a meme. Also, if you'd rather be on House Hunters Renovation, the show is currently casting in Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. You can find that application here.

That being said, if you prefer to just watch the show itself from the comfort of your current home, you can see new episodes of House Hunters air throughout the week at 10 p.m. ET and new episodes of House Hunters Renovation air on Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET on HGTV.