How To Get The 72 New Emoji, Because There's Finally A Bacon Emoji

Good news emoji fans: Earlier today, Unicode Consortium released 72 brand new emojis. That’s right; people now have two graphical ways to express that they are sick, they can let others know they are shopping with the push of a button (and a pic of an empty grocery cart), and they can profess their love for bacon using — yes — a bacon emoji. But how can you get all 72 new emojis on your iPhone, your Android, or on your other mobile device? Unfortunately, according to Hot New Hip Hop, Unicode Consortium's release isn’t consumer ready just yet:

The approval date of Unicode 9.0 doesn't necessarily mean they will be rolled out to end-users on this date...[it is simply the date when] vendors such as Apple, Google and Microsoft are able to start including these [emojis] in public releases.

Or, as Fortune explained, “the new emojis should appear on smartphones...that support them once vendors have a chance to make updates.”

(Whomp, whomp.)

However, even though it looks like emoji lovers aren’t getting the new emojis just yet, they can still talk about them because — let’s be honest — there's a lot to talk about. In fact, there really is an emoji for every situation, and for everyone.

There are 10 new faces, including the “face palm,” the “Pinocchio” face, a clown face, and a "rolling on the floor laughing" face. There are seven new gestures, including a left-facing fist bump, a right-facing fist bump, and what appears to be a young woman's hand taking a selfie. There are 13 new animals — and, yes, a gorilla is amongst this grouping — a few new vehicles, and several new sports options. There's also countless food and food-related emojis, ranging from avocados, cucumbers, croissants, and baguettes to spoons, champagne flutes, and even a "tumbler glass" (i.e. a glass of whiskey on the rocks).

Oh, and didn't I mentioned Ms. Claus will be making her emoji debut?

And, for those who are itching to check out the latest designs, you’re in luck: earlier this month, Emojipedia posted a video that included graphical renderings of all 72 emojis. (In the video, the emojis are designed in the "Apple style," which will give users a good idea of how these graphics will look when Apple finally releases its emoji update).

So check them out now if you want to be ahead of the curve and ensure your emoji game is on point.