​The New Emoji Update Includes Redheads, Toilet Paper, Bagels & More — Here's How To Get It

Thanks to the internet, communicating with someone has never been easier or more fun. Chatting through memes and plenty of emoji is just the norm now and the newest emoji update will certainly help spice up your conversations. With its debut nearly here, you may be wondering how to get the new emoji update on your phone, because no smartphone is really complete without a bagel, cupcake, toilet paper or ginger emoji.

Although the emoji keyboard may seem endless, there are never enough emoji to accurately say how people feel — so it's a good thing that it's being expanded this week, as the New York Post reported. This debut is super exciting because it marks the first time in history that redheads will be included in the emoji keyboard, as noted by The Sun.

But there is a catch: this emoji update is a "gradual roll out" across platforms, according to The Sun, which means that each device that people use emoji on will adopt it at different times. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which are based on the internet, can get the new update at any point, according to Emojipedia, so it's likely that they will update their emoji first. But devices that use Microsoft, Google, and Apple typically update the emoji keyboards when the operating systems are updated, according to Emojipedia.

This means that some iPhone users might not be seeing the redhead emoji on their phone until the end of the year. [Cue the tears.]

On Monday, Apple released the first look at the new iOS update, according to Engadget, which means this new emoji update is imminent. But, according to Tech Radar, the new iOS update reportedly won't make its way to phones until September. On top of this sad news, Android won't release the new update until later this year, according to CNN. So while emojis won't be immediately updated on iPhones this month, emoji lovers and phone addicts will still have something to look forward to come fall.

While it's very frustrating to know that it might take a few months until all of the new emojis are unveiled, it's still super exciting. As previously stated, the new update will include the long awaited option of giving your emoji red hair, but there is much more to look forward to. This new update will include 157 new emoji, according to CNN, ranging in categories from people, to food, to activities. In addition to red hair, people will now be able to make their emoji bald or give them curly hair, according to CNN.

And if people have ever wanted to really express their love of food, a cupcake, bagel, and mango are one of the many items added to the food section, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Superhero and villain emoji are also included in this update, according to Digital Trends, just in case emoji users ever want to express their desire to their friends to save the world (or destroy it). This new update also includes 10 new animals, according to Digital Trends, in addition to a bar of soap and yes, the toilet paper emoji.

But when phone manufacturers finally get around to updating their operating systems, getting this new emoji update should be super easy. All that smart phone users will have to do is install the new software update on their phone (not just the emoji app), according to CNET and let the process happen. Once the new software update is complete, phones should be well equipped with the many new emojis.

Although the update might take a while to reach every phone, at the end of the day, being able to use the new toilet paper emoji as a reaction to a text message will be well worth the wait.