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The Perfect Strobe Is 7 Steps Away

Over the last two years, strobing has become a staple technique in the beauty industry. Although it's an intimidating technique, it's one that many beauty novices are trying to master. And, for a select few, they are trying achieve the highlighted look in in a limited amount of time. That's why knowing how to get the perfect strobe in 15 minutes or less is necessary information.

Though I love how I look after doing my makeup, taking a long time to accomplish any look is just not on my agenda. I'm a natural procrastinator, so most of the time I'm rushing to get ready for an event. Can I change that? Sure. But will I? Meh, probably not.

The reason why I like strobing instead of contouring is because it takes less time to accomplish and it gives me an incredible glow once I'm done. On top of that, I don't have to use that much makeup — which works really well for me and will probably make you love it, too.

Not sure if strobing is for you? Try out these seven hacks to help you get your face done in 15 minutes and then make the decision.


Use The Products You Have

Hair stylist and makeup artist Tequila Fletcher tells Romper that you don't have to rush out and buy new highlighting products just to achieve the look. Instead, she recommends using your eye shadow, shimmer, or powdered foundation to strobe your face.


Know Which Shade You Should Be Using

Pro artist China Harrison tells Romper that knowing the correct shade to use for strobing your face will help you to knock out the process quicker. "I always use a golden-tanned bronzer for deeper tones and a cooler peachy tone for fairer skin," she says.


Fuse Your Skincare & Makeup Together

Marie Claire noted that by fusing your skincare and makeup together, you'll create a effortless look that takes limited time. For example, if you're going for a dewy, wet-shine finish, you should mix a bit of moisturizer with your concealer.


Focus On The Areas Where Natural Light Hits Your Face

According to Shape, you want to ensure that you're hitting the areas where natural light hits and not wasting time applying where it doesn't. Strobing is meant to enhance your natural glow, so hitting your cheekbones, temple, bridge of your brow, below your brow bone, and above your cupid's bow will help you achieve that.


Opt For A Matte Finish If You Have Acne Prone Skin

Fashion Times noted that opting for a matte finish on your face instead of a dewy look can help if you have acne prone skin. With a matte finish, you'll still be able to achieve a lovely glow, but your imperfections will be minimized.


Use A Liquid Luminizer

Professional makeup artist Janisa Camile tells Romper that using a liquid luminizer is helpful for creating a great strobe effect. "Place it on the cheekbones and the highest points of wherever the sun naturally shines. Then, go back over them using a powder highlight and fan brush," she states.


Keep Your Hand Light

According to Forbes, one of the most important things to keeping your strobing down to a minimum is to keep your hand light when applying. Applying your cream, powder or liquid to heavily can make your look seem mirrored.