How To Get The Princess Leia Lego Person

On Tuesday, actor and writer Carrie Fisher died at age 60, leaving an entire generation of fans in mourning. Those who grew up with Star Wars are not only grieving the death of a talented, personable woman — they're also saying goodbye to the woman who brought to life their favorite science fiction space princess and general, and many are looking for small ways to commemorate her legacy. For those who want to mix their love of Leia with another childhood favorite, here's how to get the Princess Leia Lego person to add to your collection.

After all, Leia was a huge part of Fisher's history. As Fisher said while speaking to USA Today about her role as Princess Leia last year:

She’s me and I'm her and it’s kind of a Möbius strip. I carry her around and I know her better than anybody else and we wear the same clothes a lot of times. She's mine.

If you're keen to grab a Princess Leia Lego figure, you're in luck. Lego crafts an awesome Princess Leia, complete with her many signature looks. There is, of course, the original Princess Leia: she's dressed in white and wears her hair in double buns on each side of her head. This is the first view fans had of Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, and probably the character's most iconic look. There's also a few other renditions.

Slave Princess Leia

This rather disturbing Jabba the Hutt scene was definitely not my favorite in the Star Wars series, but it's a famous one. You can find the slave version of Princess Leia in Lego on Amazon.

Hoth Princess Leia

If you want the Lego version of Princess Leia as she looked on Hoth, never fear: that's available too, cool jacket and all. It also comes in a keychain version if you want to carry it with you.

General Leia

General Leia Organa, in her more recent garb, is also represented.

Imperial Shuttle Princess Leia

Princess Leia comes in camouflage, too. One comes with an actual fuzzy cape, too, so pick your favorite version.

Y-Wing Princess Leia

A Y-wing version of Princess Leia comes with a full cape and blaster gun.

For those who grew up loving Star Wars and Lego — and for those who want to pass that love on to their own kids — a commemorative figure of Princess Leia seems totally appropriate. May the force be with her, always.