How To Get The Trump Tweet Fact-Checking Chrome Extension

President-elect Donald Trump loves to tweet and cause a little controversy while doing so. There is no denying that Trump can say some pretty outrageous things on his Twitter and that sometimes, they might not be exactly the most honest things. With fake news being more topical than ever, it is important that people try to seek the truth in every report and story before coming to judgement on certain issues. Luckily, there is an extension for that. Those wondering how to get the Trump tweet fact-checking Chrome extension for their browser have to look no further. The steps to get the one tool ensuring the president-elect is telling the truth is actually super simple.

Let's just be honest — Trump is not the best at telling the truth. According to Politfact, around 4 percent of the allegations that Trump made on the campaign trail and in speeches are true. And around 51 percent of the allegations Trump has made so far are completely false. But instead of having to individually search for every claim that Trump has made to confirm it's validity, there is now an extension for Google Chrome that will do it for you. Unfamiliar with browser extensions? Think of them as a way to help with your internet browsing experience, enhancing it and customizing it to your liking. By downloading the Trump tweet fact checking extension, you're only enhancing your knowledge of the truth about Trump's claims.

The Washington Post writer Philip Bump created the genius extension that takes the hard work out of fact checking Donald Trump's tweets and does it for you, right in your browser. But you have to download the extension first. Make sure that you have the Google Chrome browser downloaded and updated — if you do not have it downloaded already. Then, go to this link which will directly bring you to the place where you can download the fact checking extension. From there, click the "Add to Chrome" button on the top left corner — then click "Add Extension." And that's it — no need to restart your computer or browser.

Once the extension is downloaded, it is ready to use. Click on any of Trump's tweets and the fact checker will appear below it, ready to refute (or validate) any of Trump's claims and explain why they're wrong (or right). But don't expect the extension to be perfect — according to The Washington Post, the extension is still in the early stages and might not work perfectly — but it still is a very helpful start.

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