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It's That Time Of The Year: Here's How To Get Your Instagram "Top Nine" For 2018

by Vanessa Taylor

As 2019 rapidly approaches, all of your favorite apps are rounding up some end of the year lists. Spotify users have already received their end of the year stats, which even breaks down an individual's top artists by horoscope. Although Instagram itself doesn't offer a rundown like that, you can reminiscence over some of your most memorable moments over the last year. So if you're itching to go down memory lane, here's how to get your Instagram Top Nine and share these fun moments with your friends.

Sometimes, the best way to soothe your anxiety about the upcoming year is to look back at the past... but, only the best moments, right? You may have seen some of your friends posting collages on their Instagram, documenting those moments, over the past few years. If you've been confused about where those collages come from, don't worry — your friends aren't all tech wizards keeping a secret from you. Gathering your best Instagram moments from the past year is surprisingly easy, thanks to the app, Top Nine.

All you have to do is head on over to Top Nine, which boosts a desktop or app version. You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store. If your account is on private, you'll have to use the app instead of the desktop version, as noted by The Standard.

Once there, Top Nine will ask for your Instagram handle and your email address so it can start generating your results. In the past, users had to wait around for the collage to load, but that's changed this year! Now, Top Nine will email you as soon as your collage is ready.

When you receive your collage, all you need to do to share is download the image. If you're worried about an app having your Instagram information and email, you can ask Top Nine to delete your email and data after you've gotten your collage.

The app noted that, due to the high volume of users, it may take up to a day to receive your collage. Indeed, according to the app, 2,000,000 users are using Top Nine so far in 2018... and it's only Dec. 11.

Top Nine is also interesting, because you can get any of your best nine photos printed on a variety of products like canvases and phone cases, as noted by the app's website.

The app is looking to add some updates in the future. According to Mashable, Top Nine will soon be re-releasing their video feature. The app's developer, Beta Labs, originally tweeted about the video feature in 2016, so fans can catch a glimpse of what it will look like.

For casual Instagram users, this is a fun way to look back on some cool moments throughout the year and share them with friends. And, if you're serious about planning ahead, analyzing your best posts from the last year is the best way to do that.

Soon, your Instagram feed is going to fill up with Top Nine collages, so don't miss out on downloading yours!

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