How To Get Your Kid Excited To Go Back To School

by Lindsay E. Mack

With summer starting to wind down, back-to-school season has officially begun. Even grown adults who have been out of the classroom for years can feel a little twinge of nostalgia (or anxiety) when the displays of school supplies start appearing in stores. Your child, however, is probably clinging desperately to the last moments of summer vacation. Fortunately, if you know how to get your kid excited to go back to school, you can help soothe her nerves a bit.

Even if your child has been in school for a year or two, every new grade can bring on fresh challenges. After all, adjusting to a new teacher, classroom, and classmates can take some time. Although you know she'll get into a routine soon enough, those days leading up to school's return can be filled with dread. The anticipation of such a big change can be worse than the change itself.

So taking a few minutes to talk to your kid about her fears, check out the new classroom, and shop for school supplies together can help her get in the right mindset for the new year. Sometimes even little things, such as having a fresh pack of cool pencils at the ready, can make all the difference. In the meantime, you can help make the transition easier for your kiddo.


Go Shopping For School Supplies Together

There's something exciting about the process of picking out new pencils and folders before the start of a school year. As long as it's within your budget, then letting your kids pick out their own school supplies can be great fun for little ones, as noted in the Huffington Post. Chances are, you'll feel a bit nostalgic about your own school shopping trips as a kid.


Plan A Treat

Give your kid a little something to look forward on the day school starts back. Whether it's making a special breakfast or planning a trip to the park after school lets out, having a guaranteed bright spot in her day may help your child brave the return.


Make A Fun Lunch

OK, so you don't have to spend hours making a Pokémon-themed bento box (unless you want to). But if you switch up the regular sandwich for something like pizza quesadillas, as suggested on, your little one can at least look forward to a happy break at lunch.


Read A Story About School

Stories can help your kiddo mentally prepare for the classroom. Fortunately, there are plenty of books designed to help kids get ready for school, as outlined in the Huffington Post.


Focus On The Positive

Is your kid excited about reconnecting with old friends, picking up a favorite subject, or finally being one of the "big kids" at school? Focus on whatever positive aspect of school she's looking forward to and talk it up.


Choose Fun After-School Activities

Once the new school year cranks up, so do many sports and activities for kids. Even if your little one absolutely dreads going back to the classroom, chances are she might get psyched for her after-school art classes to begin again.


Scout The Location

If your little one is heading to a brand-new school, then it may help calm her nerves if you can check out the building ahead of time. Even just exploring the school grounds for a few minutes can help her adjust to the new surroundings.


Create A Study Nook

Take some of the sting out of oncoming homework. Pick out a designated study spot in your home, whether it's a place at the kitchen table or a comfy chair. You can even help your kid personalize the area with a few extra school supplies to make the space her own.


Talk It Out

This is the perfect opportunity for one of those heart-to-heart talks with your child. Or at least a few silly conversations to help ease her nerves — just choose whatever suits the mood.