How To Have A Gentle C-Section

From the moment you get pregnant, you automatically fall into a planning and preparation phase of your life. You begin picking nursery colors, figuring out babysitter and work schedules, and start buying all the baby gear you'll need. You may also start researching how your body will change during pregnancy and what to expect during labor. But labor doesn't always mean a vaginal delivery. Some moms are looking into planned birth options, including how to have a gentle C-section so they can have a little more control over their birthing experience.

What is a gentle C-section? According to Fit Pregnancy, it is the same surgical procedure as a C-section, but with a gentler accommodation and environment for the parents, providing an experience as close to a vaginal birth as possible. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 32 percent of all births are done via C-section, due to health reasons or complications with the pregnancy. More mothers are opting for the gentler version of the C-section, explained CNN, because it can give them the atmosphere and bonding experience of a vaginal birth, and make it feel more personal and intimate.

In an interview with Romper, Dr. Eva Martin, founder of Elm Tree Medical Inc., says that gentle Cesarean births are awesome because they are all about creating a safe and comfortable environment for the birth. But, they can vary from hospital to hospital.

Martin says that some common practices of gentle C-sections can start with keeping the mother as comfortable as possible. "Keeping the traditionally cold operating room warmer and having dedicated nursing personnel trained in gentle Cesarean to facilitate can make the experience go smoothly."

She also notes that during a gentle C-section, mothers are given the option of having a clear sterile plastic sheet, or moving the blue opaque sheet down at the moment of birth so that the mother can witness her child being born.

A gentle C-section, adds Martin, can also include bringing the baby to the mother for skin-to-skin contact, and sometimes even for breastfeeding, while the surgery is still being completed.

It's important to remember that if you are interested in having a gentle C-section, you need to talk to your physician ahead of time to figure out the appropriate options for you. Your physician and care team will need time to schedule and prepare for your needs. It's also important to remember that all hospitals have their own plans and procedures, so be sure to talk directly with those involved in your birth. No matter why you need or want a C-section, you should have the birth experience you deserve.